Star Wars: Galactic Defense game to blend prequel and classic characters later in 2014

Yet another Star Wars game made for mobile devices is in development and will be released for the iPhone and iPad later this year. This game is called Star Wars: Galactic Defense, a free-to-play tower defense game that will allow players to have characters from the classic films interact with the prequel cast.

Here's a quick description of the game, which is being developed by DeNA:

This all-new tower defense game blends iconic characters, adrenaline-fueled battles, and strategic gameplay in an ever-evolving mobile experience. Players choose their side – light or dark – as they explore and battle across iconic Star Wars locations, gain powerful abilities to change the tide of battle, and connect online with their friends in real-time."

Players can register at the game's official website and get a chance to receive some in-game rewards during the week of its launch, including possibly gaining access to Darth Maul. What do you think of this latest attempt to bring Star Wars to mobile devices.

Source: Star Wars Galactic Defense

John Callaham

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