If you've ever wanted a strategy game with wookiees, now you've got it thanks to Star Wars: Galactic Defense. Pick light side or dark side, chose up to three classic heroes, and set up your towers against waves of enemies.

There are stages set in familiar locations like Hoth and Tatooine and a ton of different scenarios to work your way through. The usual freemium mechanics are here by way of premium currency and an energy system. At least the graphics look smoothly animated.

Here's a quick feature run-down.

  • Choose the Light or Dark Side – Experience gameplay from both sides of the Force. The choice of light or dark will allow for distinct play style options, creating new and exciting ways to experience the Star Wars universe.

  • Level Up and Upgrade – Level up your units and increase their power to create an unstoppable fighting force by tailoring upgrades to match your unique gameplay style.

  • Destroy Enemy Forces – Use skills to annihilate the enemy and execute strategies to halt them in their tracks. Leverage brute strength to carve a path, level the field with proton torpedoes, use powerful character abilities, or call in an orbital bombardment to obliterate the enemy.

  • Connect with Friends – Don't take to the galaxy alone; connect with your friends, exchange resources, or compete in online events to earn your spot at the top of the leaderboard.

  • Fortify Your Tower Defenses – Construct an unbeatable tower defense force, and ensure you can withstand the heaviest of enemy onslaughts. Strengthen and tune your towers to yield explosive damage and heavy armor.

Star Wars fans will definitely get a kick out of this, and it certainly looks more entertaining than the last mobile game from the franchise, which amounted to little more than a Clash of Clans clone. How many of you guys are big into Star Wars? Think Galactic Defense will meet your expectations, or will microtransactions Force choke the fun out of it?

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