Steam Summer Sale offers great game discounts along with a mini-game of its own

Valve's Steam service is once again holding a massive Summer Sales event, with deep discounts on nearly all of the Windows, Mac and Linux games in its catalog. Much like the current Summer Sale, the Steam Summer Sale will end on June 21. However, Valve is doing something a little different this year. It has launched its own web-based mini-game, the Monster Summer Game, to encourage Steam fans to unlock even more big game discounts.

Valve says that Steam users who sign up to play the Monster Summer Game will allow them "to level up and gain new abilities, earn Steam Trading Cards, and achieve community milestones to unlock additional discounts." Those discount will go live every day at 10 a.m Pacific time (1 p.m. Eastern time). As of this writing, gamers who have played this mini-game have unlocked deeper price cuts on games like Crysis 2, Outcast and more. There will also be new flash sales on games every 12 hours.

Which games will you get during the 2015 Steam Summer Sale?

Source: Steam

John Callaham

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