Celebrate Valentine's Day with Sudoku Seasons for iPad [app giveaway]

Sudoku Seasons isn't your typical game of Sudoku. Instead of filling in the squares with the numbers 1-9, you must use nine different symbols. In celebration of love, Sudoku Season's most recent theme is for Valentine's Day and includes symbols such as hearts, lips, cake, and roses.

I'm a huge Sudoku fan and enjoy the challenging twist that Sudoku Seasons brings with the use of goodies instead of numbers. With this change, however, you lose the ability to mark each little box with possible numbers it can be, but that's ok. I don't come to Sudoku Seasons to play a traditional game of Sudoku -- but to play a fun, themed game of Sudoku!

Completely unrelated to the game, Sudoku Seasons also includes a few cards that you can customize with a message and send to your Valentine via email.

In addition to Valentine's Day, Sudoku Seasons includes 4 other cheery themes: Santa Red, Merry Green, Icy Blue and Mystic Gems. I'm looking forward to updates for future holidays.


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