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First Yosemite update beta rolls out to developers, AppleSeed program members

Apple has started pushing out the beta of its first update to OS X Yosemite tonight. The update will bring users to version 10.10.1 and is available to both developers and those in the AppleSeed pre-release program.

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Apple seeds new OS X 10.9.4 beta to AppleSeed testers

Apple has seeded a new beta build of OS X 10.9.4 to its AppleSeed testers. The seed was posted for developers yesterday. AppleSeed testers who have their computers registered with the program can go into the Updates section of the Mac App Store to download the new build.

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Apple alerts AppleSeed beta testers: OS X 10.9.4 is coming

Apple has informed the users in its AppleSeed consumer beta testing group that they will be automatically enrolled in the upcoming testing for OS X 10.9.4. The notice came in an email following yesterday's release of OS X 10.9.3. The notice appears to be going out to users in the invite-only AppleSeed program, rather than the public Beta Seed initiative launched a few weeks ago.

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New Mavericks 10.9.3 beta posted for developers

Apple has seeded build 13D55 of OS X 10.9.3 for developers to download and test. As of yet, the public beta testers aren't seeing the new version, so you'll need to be part of the official developer program to have a look. The new features are covered under a confidentiality agreement so we won't get into the details here, but the things you expect to be worked on are being worked on — and more.

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Five reasons to stay away from Apple's OS X beta seeding program

Apple's letting the general public test pre-release OS X Mavericks software. There are good reasons not to sign up, however

Apple on Tuesday announced a beta seeding program that enables anyone — not just registered developers — from gaining access to pre-release OS X Mavericks software and applications from Apple. There are some good reasons to get involved, but there are an equal number of reasons to stay away from it. Here are a few.

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Apple seeds OS X 10.9.3 beta: Developers, come get you some

Apple has posted the new beta of OS X 10.9.3, build 13D45a for registered Mac developers to test. This is pre-release software covered by a non-disclosure agreement, so we're not going to post the details of the new build, but rest assured that major bugs and gripes will be addressed.

We have no idea when we'll see the update for Mavericks, but we expect it soon. If you're a developer in good standing, high-tail it to the Apple Developer Center and start poking around.

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Mailbox beta coming soon to OS X

We'll admit to being fans of the Mailbox app for iOS, and now our fandom might just have to expand to Mac OS X as well. Today Dropbox, who bought Mailbox a year ago, announced that they are bringing the mail client to OS X in beta form.

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Yo, Mac developers - look out for a new build of Mavericks 10.9.3!

A new version of Mavericks 10.9.3 is ready for developers to download at this hour. Late on Thursday Apple posted the new release to its Mac Developer Center. The new build is 13D17.

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Apple seeds 10.9.3 beta - come and get it, developers!

Apple on Thursday released the first beta seed of OS X 10.9.3. It's now available for download by those registered with Apple's Mac developer program. The build number for this release is 13D12.

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Hey Mac developers: Download the latest Mavericks beta seed now!

Apple has released a new beta build of OS X Mavericks 10.9.2. The new release, build 13C62, is ready for download from the Mac Dev Center on Apple's developer site. If you're a registered Mac developer, you can download it now.

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