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Simpson's Tapped Out adds waterfront property

Another bit of gaming goodness out of E3 was a fresh content patch for The Simpson's Tapped Out. The Waterfront update introduces a whole new range of buildings, decorations, quests, and characters. There are 30 new plots of land, so players can expand their own little versions of Springfield, and a new boardwalk section allows them to build out onto the water.

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Minion Rush brings adorable characters from Despicable Me 2 to iOS

At E3, we caught up with Gameloft just as they were launching Minion Rush, an adorable endless runner based on the upcoming Despicable Me 2 film. Players dash through a veritable gauntlet of mad scientist contraptions as one of the bizarre yellow minions, collecting bananas along the way (they love those things, apparently).

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Game about hacking the world with phones includes second-player tablet co-op

Watch Dogs involves using a phone to hack into various techno-doohickeys in the world in order to exert a personal brand of vigilante justice. As you might expect, a game about changing the world through your phone also has a proper mobile side game.

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Tablet-enabled Commander Mode introduced for Battlefield 4

Another mobile tie-in found its way into one of the big E3 press conferences today. EA was showing off Commander Mode for the upcoming Battlefield 4 first-person shooter game. Players in the commander role get a top-down view of a battle, and can deliver orders, drop supplies, and launch artillery support by way of airborne gunships or long-range missiles.

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Tom Clancy's The Division to let mobile players get in on post-apocalyptic console action

The Division is a standard duck-and-cover action game for next-gen consoles with lots of gadgets, skills, progression, and persistent open world player-versus-player, but what's really interesting to us is the mobile element. Players on unnamed tablets will be able to join in the fun as a drone, offering tactical support by way of surveillance, healing, and providing other bonuses.

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The best indie games for iPhone and iPad

It doesn't always take a huge development firm and investors with an endless budget to develop a great game. There are lots of indie developers out there that prove every day it doesn't take a million dollars to produce great games. Sometimes it just takes a great idea.

There are thousands of great games by indie developers in the App Store. Here are the ones we think you should definitely be playing on your iPhone and iPad.

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Sneak peek at Mega Jump Retina update for iPhone and iPad

At the Ottawa International Game Conference I got a chance to check out an upcoming update to the classic endless jumper, Mega Jump. The only real additions here are Retina display support and an iPad version of the game, but they're long overdue.

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What is your primary iOS gaming device? [Poll]

What is your primary iOS gaming choice?

There has been a bit of talk about mobile gaming in these parts this week, and while the Talk Mobile discussions are incredible -- really, they are so check them out if you haven't already -- we wanted to bring it back to iOS a little. Unlike our Windows or Android loving friends, our device choices for mobile gaming are pretty limited; one line of phone, two different tablets, the iPod touch and the Apple TV. But, that doesn't mean we don't target one of these specifically for getting our game on.

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Best free games for iPhone

Looking for the very best free games for your new iPad or iPhone?

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Take your iOS gaming up a notch with these great accessories!

Gaming on iOS devices has steadily grown and grown in recent months and years, and now there's some really amazing titles available to play on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The fun doesn't -- and shouldn't -- stop there, though, as accessory makers have really embraced this and you can now get hold of some fantastic accessories to take your gaming experience to the next level. Here's a taste of some iMore favorites!

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