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HERE Maps rebrands to HERE WeGo, adds new features

HERE Maps, the mobile mapping app that was sold by Nokia to a group of car companies, has released a major update. It also includes a name change to HERE WeGo.

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HERE officially bids Nokia farewell, plans to enhance mapping for autonomous driving

HERE announced that the 6,500 strong team has officially bid farewell to Nokia to bring all its global mapping and location technology under a new umbrella backed by Audi, BMW and Daimler AG.

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Nokia to complete the sale of its HERE Maps division ahead of schedule on Dec. 4

Nokia now says it plans to complete the previously announced sale of its HERE Maps division on Friday, Dec. 4. The sale of the mapping division to a consortium of three German car companies was originally scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2016.

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HERE app updates offline maps for Brazil, Barcelona and more locations

The offline maps data for the HERE app received an update this week that includes improvements for locations like the country of Brazil, the city of Barcelona and more.

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Nokia updates its HERE offline maps data with 'millions' of changes

Nokia has released a major new offline maps data update for its HERE app, with "literally millions of changes and improvements across the globe", including more detailed maps in a number of African countries and more.

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Microsoft may have offered to buy part of Nokia's HERE maps division

Microsoft may have an offer on the table to purchase a minority stake in Nokia's HERE maps division, according to a new report. It also says there may be more interested buyers for the unit as well

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Nokia reportedly shopping its HERE Maps division to Apple, others

Nokia is reportedly shopping its maps division to Apple, among other tech companies.

According to a new report, Apple is one among many companies, including Amazon and Alibaba, that Nokia is targeting for a potential sale of its HERE Maps division.

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Nokia reportedly discussing the possible sale of its HERE maps division

A new story says that Nokia is reportedly "exploring" the idea of selling off its HERE Maps division.

The company may decide to ditch the maps business in part to concentrate its time on its wireless network division. HERE Maps is already getting some interest from other companies and private-equity firms, according to Bloomberg's unnamed sources.

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HERE Maps returning to the App Store with offline support and more

Nokia's HERE Maps have returned to the iPhone. The mapping app, which includes offline support, was previously available on the App Store, but was pulled following the release of iOS 7.

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HERE Maps will return to the iPhone in 2015

Alongside the launch of its app in Google Play today for Android, HERE has confirmed its Maps app will be coming back to the iPhone in 2015. The previous effort was around for a little while and pulled when "iOS 7 ruined the experience" somehow, but thanks to positive feedback from Android users, iOS will benefit next.

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