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Empires & Allies commands and conquers its way to iPhone and iPad

Zynga has officially launched Empires & Allies, a new mobile real-time strategy game created by some of the team members behind the classic Command and Conquer series.

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Zynga will bring fantasy strategy game Dawn of Titans to the iPhone and iPad

Zynga will release Dawn of Titans, a fantasy-themed strategy game with some impressive looking graphics, for the iPhone and iPad later this year.

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Zynga reboots Words With Friends for iPhone and iPad with more features

Zynga is rebooting one of its most well known and popular games, Words With Friends, with an update for the iPhone and iPad that not only adds some new features but also changes the name of the game slightly to New Words With Friends.

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Clumsy Ninja and Zynga: Why we can't have nice indie game developers

Big fish eat smaller fish, and get eaten by bigger fish still. It's as true in the pond behind your house as it is in the corporate world. We've seen it happen over and over again since the inception of the App Store, where small developers get acquired by larger publishers. While that cycle of acquisition may be part of the natural life of a startup and certainly can lend some benefits, it can also be a complete innovation-killer. Let's have a look at both sides.

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Zynga cuts more than 500 employees

Bad news from social game publisher Zynga today - they've cut 18 percent of their workforce, a layoff of more than 500 people, according to a blog post on the Zynga Web site.

Zynga's been in trouble for a while. The company had huge early success with social games like FarmVille and Words With Friends, but it's had a tough couple of years. In 2012 the company purchased OMGPOP, a New York-based indie developer riding high on the release of its hit mobile game Draw Something, a Pictionary-style game in which players take turns creating illustrations to depict keywords. OMGPOP's CEO left Zynga earlier this year.

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Respawnables update brings weaponry, gadgets and costumes from Men in Black and Ghostbusters

Respawnables from Digital Legends by way of Zynga has received a pretty hefty update to version 1.5, that brings with it a bunch of new content including weapons from Men in Black and Ghostbusters. Through partnering with Sony Mobile and Sony Pictures, players can now get their hands on a Noisy Cricket or a Ghostbusters suit and Proton Gun to head on out and shoot things with.

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The Respawnables - a free, fun, run and gun

The Respawnables was enjoying a limited release in Canada leading up to its global roll-out this weekend. I’ve been playing for the last week or two, and have really enjoyed the third-person-shooter's cartoony style, straightforward controls, and rich selection of unlockables.

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Zynga lays off employees in midst of Apple event

Zynga, in an obvious attempt to avoid bad press, laid off some 100-odd employees during Apple's iPad mini event today. A total of 5% of their full-time staff are now gone, and were given two hours to clear out of the office according to inside sources.

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Horn brings fantasy action to iPhone and iPad

Zynga launched Horn today, a new action game for iPad and iPhone. Sure, the gameplay looks an awful lot like Infinity Blade, but that's hardly a bad thing. The story goes that Horn, a blacksmith's son, is the only one with the power to lift a curse placed on local creatures by malevolent forces.

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Draw Something is trying to get you to draw their ads for them

Draw Something's next step after being acquired by Zynga is to get people to draw brands that that they're familiar with, like Doritos, the NHL, and KFC.

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