The end of this Amazon Prime discount spells bad news for gamers

Earlier this week, Amazon announced that it would no longer offer a 20% discount on video game pre-orders for Prime members beginning August 28. The discount could only be applied to standard games, but it was still a nice benefit to the service which just recently raised its price in mid-June. Amidst news of the discount's demise also came the announcement that Twitch Prime would no longer remain ad-free.

For gamers who relied on the pre-order discounts to save money, this could have a huge impact on whether they continue their Prime membership or not. Now that Gamer's Club Unlocked has ended at Best Buy (and GameStop's Elite Pro program), there is no longer a major retailer for people to turn to for a consistent discount on video games. Do you see this as the end of your Amazon Prime membership too?

You can still snag the 20% discount for a few more days, so make sure to get in your orders for upcoming games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Fallout 76, and Kingdom Hearts 3 before Tuesday comes.

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Alex Smith

Alex is a recent graduate from the University of North Florida with a background in sales and merchandising. When he’s not hunting down the next great deals to post on Thrifter, he can be found posting music on his Soundcloud page and working on his eBay business.