Best Buy may have just cut the best discount membership for Nintendo gamers

Sadly for gamers and deal hunters across the nation, Best Buy's Gamers Club Unlocked seems to have come to an end according to a leaked internal memo. The company is no longer accepting new memberships online or in-store as it has decided to terminate both the free Gamers Club and paid Gamers Club Unlocked services.

If you're currently a Gamers Club Unlocked member, you'll continue to receive the benefits you paid for while your membership remains active. If you had been planning on signing up for the service soon, like me, you'll unfortunately need to hunt for a new way to save on video games. But our friends over at Thrifter have a few solid ideas for you already.

Gamers Club Unlocked was fantastic because it saved members 20% on all video game purchases. They also recieved extra discounts on pre-owned games and more for just $15 yearly. Thankfully, both Best Buy and Amazon still provide some exclusive discounts when you pre-order a game before its release date. At Best Buy, you'll receive a $10 reward certificate with select pre-orders, while Amazon Prime offers 20% off all standard video game pre-orders. We've noticed they don't offer this discount on options such as collector's editions however. That's part of why this move by Best Buy hurts, because the GCU discount was valid on those items as well as Toys to Life products like amiibo and Skylanders figures which Amazon Prime doesn't discount.

These pre-order methods are the most consistent ways to save on video game purchases currently. A majority of a game's sales come from its very first day of being on sale, so retailers really strive to get your attention beforehand. That's why we always see pre-order bonuses for video games. Recent warcries by gamers to not pre-order games so that audiences can see whether developer promises have been kept may also be a reason why stores are attempting to provide more enticing pre-order bonuses.

For the time being, it looks like being a Prime member at Amazon has the best benefits for gamers if you're looking for immediate discounts on new releases, free PC games every month via Twitch Prime, and more. Luckily, you can start a free 30-day membership to check it out for yourself.

The wisest way to save on video games without a membership somewhere is to wait a week after release and keep your eye on Thrifter. They'll keep you up to date on the latest price drops for recently released and best-selling games at no additional cost. Beat that, Amazon.

Alex Smith

Alex is a recent graduate from the University of North Florida with a background in sales and merchandising. When he’s not hunting down the next great deals to post on Thrifter, he can be found posting music on his Soundcloud page and working on his eBay business.