The shoot 'em up roguelike video game Enter the Gungeon is down to $7.49 everywhere. Get it for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and find it on Steam for PC and Mac.

Survive as long as you can

Enter the Gungeon video game

Roguelikes offer such a sense of accomplishment because every game gives you just one more little step forward. Eventually you feel like a complete badass. Of course, you died 300 times to get to that point.

$7.49 $15 50% off

Roguelike video games are a special type of subgenre that often involve procedural gameplay, dungeon crawls, loot collecting, and a lot of trying new things to finally beat the game in question. They are also notoriously difficult, resulting in a lot of deaths and starting over. This one is no different and involves a lot of handcrafted rooms randomly put together to form dungeons. You'll shoot, dodge, and collect your way to victory... or death. The game has been around since 2016 and has had very positive reviews with Metacritic roundups on the different platforms ranging from 82 on PlayStation to 87 on the Switch.

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