The New Nintendo 2DS XL handheld console is currently on sale at Amazon for just $129.99 in Black & Turquoise. You can also get the same deal at Walmart, in your choice of Black & Turquoise or White & Yellow. This deal saves you $20 off the regular price of this gaming system.

If you're excited for the recent games announced for Nintendo's handheld consoles during its latest Nintendo Direct, grabbing a New Nintendo 2DS XL would be a great way to prepare for them. Luigi's Mansion is one I think I'll be picking up myself, and the way Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker integrates with Super Mario Odyssey is really cool and might be enough to warrant a pickup as well. Remember that Amazon Prime members can save 20% on these games by pre-ordering today.

For a limited time, you can also save $10 on Pokemon Ultra Sun and grab it for just $30.

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