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Every week a few of us from team TiPb will bring you our current favorite, most fun and useful App Store apps, WebApps, jailbreak apps, even the occasional accessory, web site, or desktop app if the mood strikes us. As long as they’re iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch related, they’re fair game.

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Alli's pick: Virtual Guitar Free

It has been said that all the great hits can be played using the same 3 chords. There was even a youtube video proving the point. So now you can play all the hits and then some!

I found this thread in the forums and gave it a try. I used to play a bit of guitar, so I was interested. You are limited in your choice of chords in this free version, but you can actually pick individual strings on the virtual guitar so that you can do some nice effects - works really well for songs like House of the Rising Sun.

So if you've ever wanted to play guitar without the headache of learning which fingers go where, or lugging around the guitar, or miss playing occasionally - you'll love this.

[Free - iTunes link]

Ally's pick: 1Password

I have a LOT of passwords. I never use the same password for more than 2 sites. Things that are super sensitive, they have their own. It can get tedious keeping track of them. Enter 1Password.

1Password not only saves passwords and identities, but can auto-fill forms for you. I use the iPhone and iPad app in conjunction with 1Password for Mac, which also has auto-fill. When it comes to saving your password data, it can sync with Dropbox to create a backup file or you can manually save a copy to a computer. So if you ever need to restore, you're critical password data is safe.

There are several price points for 1Password, so I won't list them all but the iPhone only version currently runs $9.99 while the iPad and iPhone universal binary (1Password Pro) runs $14.99. I also own a Mac license (which is a great investment). The Mac single license (and PC) is $39.99. There's also family packs available as well.

[$9.99 - iTunes Link]

Andrew's pick: Fast Food Calories

Fast Food Calories is a great nutrition guide for the iPhone that has over 9,000 menu items from a huge selection of restaurants. The app delivers nutrition facts for just about every item on the menu from places like Wendy's fast food to the Olive Garden restaurant, and it even has my favorite - Denny's!

If you're trying to keep track of your intake or want to make sure you're sticking to your new years resolution to lose a few extra pounds in 2011, this app will definitely help you along the way. It has a familiar interface with icons and pages similar to the iPhone springboard, and selecting your menu item is as easy as 3 or 4 taps. You can get the free version now, or upgrade to the pro version ($1.99) to get features like search and to remove the ads. Check it out!

[Free - iTunes link]

Chris O's pick: SoundTouch

This week I have chosen an app that my 18 month old daughter loves to use on the iPad. SoundTouch is a relatively simple application that has a grid of cartoon icons representing various animals, forms of transport musical instruments etc.When your little one clicks on one of them, a real picture appears and an actual real life sound plays. Each selection has a number of different pictures and sounds attached to it.

This app provides a great way for your little ones to identify everyday objects by the sounds they make as well as how they look. The app is a universal binary; so looks great on the iPad as well as the iPhone and iPod Touch. Trust me, your little ones will love this!

[$2.99 - iTunes Link]

Chris V's pick: The Simpsons Arcade

I just downloaded the classic Simpsons Arcade game, by EA. I remember playing this arcade game in..well, the arcade back in the 1990's, and the version of the game in the iPhone is pretty faithful to the original. The game is a classic 1990's "beat 'em up" scrolling screen game (like that classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game), where you travel from level to level (and world to world) beating up opponents as the screen scrolls by. Along the way you can pick up various things like a health boost (a donut) or even use parts of the background (like a mailbox) as weapons. The best thing about this game is the use of the Simpson's characters and locations. There is nothing like playing Homer and beating up Chief Wiggum or Krusty the Clown. And just like the arcade version, there are small minigames in-between some of the levels that are fun to play!

Unfortunately the game doesn't include the option to play as other characters (as you could do in the arcade version) or to have multiple people play (the original version could have four players at a time). But even playing by yourself can be fun for a real Simpsons fan. The controls are smooth, the graphics are good (in the classic 90's arcade sense), and the sound is direct from the Simpsons TV show. It's a fun game for any Simpsons fan, even if it is lacking a little bit from the original arcade version.

[$2.99 - iTunes link]

Leanna's pick: White Noise Lite

Sometimes the only thing that will put my 4 month old daughter to sleep is white noise. Those are the times I am extremely grateful for White Noise Lite and the 10 different noises it includes. My daughter isn't particularly picky, but for adults who have trouble sleeping, you can mix and match these sounds to make a new sound customized just for you. If 10 sounds aren't enough, check out the full version of White Noise which comes with 40 sounds - that's thousands of different noise combinations you can create. White Noise Lite also has timers to turn off the noise, set off an alarm, or exit the application. If you or your infant benefit from white noise for sleep, check this one out!

[Free - iTunes link]

Rene's pick: LockInfo (Jailbreak)

Sometimes you don't realize how much you'll miss something until it's gone. That's me right now following the loss of my Jailbreak and hence my Jailbreak/Cydia apps like LockInfo. I updated to the iOS 4.3 beta and haven't had any luck re-Jailbreaking with the unofficial pwnagetool so I'm stuck on stock and it's made me realize how much I'd come to depend on glance-able data like the mail and message icons in the status bar or the list of events and email on the lock screen.

Yes, it is a little WinMo Today screen. Yes you could choose to set it to pull down like Android's notification curtain. And yes Apple hired the guy who designed webOS' superb notification system and we just might see something official at the iOS 5 sneak preview event in a couple months. But damnit I want my LockInfo back now. Today.

Check out Ally's LockInfo how-to for more on this amazing app. Now here's her screenshot because mine is gone so I can't take one of my own.

(What, you thought I was going to pick the Verizon iPhone?

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