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Every week a few of us from team TiPb will bring you our current favorite, most fun and useful App Store apps, WebApps, jailbreak apps, even the occasional accessory, web site, or desktop app if the mood strikes us. As long as they’re iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch related, they’re fair game.

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Super Stickman Golf – @chrisoldroyd

This week’s pick is Super Stickman Golf. Since my brother bought an iPad 2 we have started playing a few online games. This is one of the most fun to play. Super Stickman Golf is a simple graphics game but a highly sophisticated physics type golf game.

The idea is obviously to get a little white ball in a hole in as few shots as possible. That is where the golf parts comes in; after that it’s not golf at all. You can stick your ball on walls and ceilings, stop the ball in mid air, it is pretty much golf gone mad but a lot of fun.

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Now the latest update has brought multi-player for up to four players to the table, it is a great choice for some fun with your friends.

[$0.99 - iTunes Link]

SBRotator -- @andrewwray

SBRotator is a jailbreak tweak that lets you rotate your iPhone Homescreen into landscape orientation. The mod is slick, clean and intuitive with a number of great features to make it a complete jailbreak package you can use without any hassle. SBRotator won't add any icons to your springboard, but instead packs a number of options right into the stock Settings app.

You can scale your icons down in size to help keep a clean look while your iPhone is in landscape mode, and the developer went the extra mile by letting users choose whether or not to keep icon labels when in landscape to help cut down on visual clutter. You can also mimic the way the iPad handles landscape rotation by altering rows/columns, rotate your wallpaper and set which orientation you want your iPhone to default to after a restart or respring. Another great feature is the ability to force stock apps like Settings, Youtube, Maps and the App Store to allow landscape rotation -- something I personally love about this mod. If you love that the iPad allows landscape orientation and wish your iPhone could do the same, this is exactly what you've been looking for.

SBRotator is available for both iOS 3.x devices as well as iOS 4.x -- give it a try and tell us how you like it!

$1.99 - [Cydia link]

iWork for iPhone - @reneritchie

They dropped it in a press release. We've been waiting over a year, since Apple's iWork Suite -- Pages, Numbers, and Keynote -- was redesigned for iOS with the original iPad, for it to become a universal app that also works on iPhone. And Apple dropped it in a press release. That speaks to a couple interesting things. First, Apple won't have time for anything as "small" as iWork for iPhone during the WWDC keynote on Monday. Second, Apple will have their productivity suite ready and waiting on Mac, iPad, and iPhone come the WWDC keynote on Monday.

Taken right now, iWork for iPhone are interesting apps. They're beautifully designed, of course. They're easy to use, for touch screen productivity tools. But it's still a complete pain to move documents back and forth between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. That's a problem because as good as iWork for iPhone makes small touch screen, I'll almost never use it to create full documents. I will use it -- sometimes urgently -- to fix mistakes I made in docs created on my Mac. For that, great apps need a great way to round trip.

So I'm picking iWork for iPhone this week, because they're good apps that just need a great interconnecting service -- an iCloud -- to make them great.

[$9.99 - Pages on iTunes]

[$9.99 - Numbers on iTunes]

[$9.99 - Keynote on iTunes]

Remote - @iMuggle

We have 2 AppleTVs in the house; one in the living room and one in the bedroom. I am notorious for losing those stupid little silver remotes. But you can bet I never lose my iPhone. Ever.

The Remote app is great for controlling the AppleTV and I use it pretty much all the time (probably more than any other app on my iPhone or iPad). Typing search terms with the silver remote they come with is daunting. From my iPhone, I can type fast and get to content even faster.

It's free and a must have for anyone who owns an AppleTV. Do you use your AppleTV remote or the Remote app? Let us know!

[Free - iTunes Link]

Grocery IQ - jdipane (Reader's Choice)

For me, remembering to grab everything that we need at the grocery store is a struggle, and I hate to be caught with an old fashion grocery list, partially because my fiancée has all Hello Kitty paper in the house.

Grocery IQ is a great list application that allows users to create and share various lists so that they don't leave without buying everything that they need. Once an item is added to the list, users can check mark it which adds it to your "cart". At the end of your trip, you simply checkout from the trip and the items you marked will be removed from your list. Grocery IQ also has coupons.com integration so you can view additional coupons and save some extra money while on the go - which everyone loves to do! With all the features that are found in this application, and the ease of use, it is a must download.

[Free - iTunes link]

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