TwistedRun takes your fingers on a marathon

Though you may not be able to run as fast as Bruce Jenner in his glory days, TwistedRun hopes to transform your fingers so you can take on the race tracks with agility in this new virtual running game. The game is like an obstacle course where your fingers guide and control the runner through different tests and hurdles.

The graphics are great and SplitCell, the creator of the game that's also known for [HexSweep](/tag/hexsweep, notes that the game is optimized to bring "blistering fast performance on all devices."

Vault, jump, duck and sprint, but don't get knocked off the track in this surreal game. TwistedRun will test your reflexes, skills and concentration as you try to go farther and run faster. The blockers are relentless. The speed is blistering. The challenge is immense. Take a run, and maybe you'll fly.

To control your runner, you can use simple swipes or turn on the D-Pad.

And like a real run, you can also keep track of your best runs and personal records. The best part: after an intense "cardio" workout, you won't be sweating after playing TwistedRun.

Let us know what you think of the game.

Chuong H Nguyen