Twitch streaming for mobile revving up with Asphalt 8

Announced only a couple of weeks ago, Twitch streaming from mobile devices will soon make it's iOS debut with racing game Asphalt 8. The incorporation of Twitch in the game will allow gamers to broadcast their gameplay to the popular streaming service, and include chat functionality. Twitch support for Asphalt 8 will come with the standard features found in Twitch for desktop and consoles as well, according to Polygon:

Not only will users be able to livestream their play sessions, but also they may stream their voices and images using the microphone and front-facing camera of their iOS device. Players will also be able to archive their streams, share them on the Web, and view others' streams.

An update for Asphalt 8 will add Twitch functionality at an unspecified date. What mobile games would you like to stream on Twitch? Sound off below in the comments.

Source: Polygon