The Walking Dead: No Man's Land mobile game delayed until fall 2015

The news about the game and its delay comes as part of a new feature from Entertainment Weekly. No Man's Land won't be just about putting zombies out of their misery; players will have to control a group of human survivors and make sure they have enough to eat and plenty of shelter and safety. EW spoke with Next Games' Kalle Kaivola about the game:

That survival aspect will involve training your group of multiple survivors and making the most of their specific skills and abilities. As Kalle ominously warns though, some poor saps could be sent packing, and survival sounds about as guaranteed as it is on the AMC show. "Not everyone will fit in your group or will be strong enough to go forward with you," he explained.

The feature notes that The Walking Dead: No Man's Land will be released first for iOS devices, but that an Android version will soon follow.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

John Callaham

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