'Where's My Mickey' brings Disney's beloved mouse, all new adventure

The third "Where's My Water" game from Disney is now available, and this one stars Mickey Mouse. Where's My Mickey costs 99 cents to download, with more content unlocked using a 99 cent in-app purchase.

Disney says the "Where's My..." game franchise is its most popular mobile game series. "Where's My Mickey" follows the same pattern as "Where's My Water" and its sequel, "Where's My Perry" (featuring Perry the Platypus from the hit animated TV show Phineas & Ferb): your goal is to help Mickey collect water by tapping, swiping and gesturing with elements on each level.

This isn't a simple retread of "Where's My Perry," however. The new game has a story-based adventure that unfolds in five "episodes" and more than 100 levels. New weather mechanics incorporate wind, rain and clouds into the gameplay. There are collectibles and bonus puzzles. The game has a unique look and feel compared to other "Where's My..." titles, and includes not only Mickey but Mickey's friends, like Goofy and Pluto.

Please check the system requirements to make sure you have a compatible device before downloading.

Peter Cohen