Win one of two Jedi Challenges rigs from Lenovo and Modern Dad!

Most years I don't have an answer for folks when they ask me what the cool nerd thing is to buy. Yeah, phones are great and you should have a great phone. TVs? Of course. Me? I want something different. Something fun. And not just fun for me, but something my kids can join in on, too.

When I got a chance to try out Star Wars: Jedi Challenges in Berlin earlier this year, I knew I'd have an answer.

This is one of those "augmented reality" games that uses your phone, along with visor and a controller. Your phone — Android or iPhone — runs the game and projects it onto the visor, through which you can still see the outside world. So you don't get dizzy, and you shouldn't trip on anything.

And the controller? A lightsaber. Say. No. More.

It takes just a few minutes to set up. I've had a blast with it. My 11-year-old has had a blast with it. It's just a tad big on my 7-year-old, but she's had fun with it as well. (And she still won't even admit to liking Star Wars in the slightest.)

Do you have to be a huge fan of The Force to enjoy the three games in Jedi Challenges? Not at all. It's worth the couple hundred bucks just to swing a lightsaber. (Holochess and Strategic Combat keep you from burning out from fighting Vader and the droids.)

Oh, and we've got a couple of them to give away. This contest is open until Dec. 16 and is available to anyone anywhere. So get to it, and good luck!

Win 1 of 2 Star Wars: Jedi Challenge kits from Modern Dad!

Phil Nickinson

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