CD Projekt Red has been highly successful with their Witcher fantasy RPG game franchise on the PC and consoles and recently started closed beta testing for a mobile game spin-off, The Witcher Battle Arena. However, it appears that the first Witcher mobile game to launch to the general public will be something else: The Witcher Adventure Game, a digital version of a real world board game.

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Players in the game can pick from one of four characters and then go on quests to fight monsters, solve mysteries and more. Here's a breakdown of the game's features, which is now on sale for $5.99 for the iPad:

  • Art design taken straight from the critically acclaimed Witcher series of video games
  • Play vs. AI and vs. your friends (online multiplayer and hot seat)
  • Clear, simple rules, and intuitive mechanics.
  • 4 unique heroes with different skills and approaches to problem solving
  • Achievement and leaderboard support
  • Digital edition contains over 288 cards and 30 monsters

  • $5.99 - Download now

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