Aaron Sorkin being courted for Steve Jobs biography, the movie?

Aaron Sorkin being courted for Steve Jobs biography, the movie?

Aaron Sorkin, responsible for everything from The West Wing TV series to The Social Network, is rumored to be somehow, someway, in consideration or talks -- basically being courted by Sony -- to write the movie version of the just-released Steve Jobs biography.

Sorkin is one of the smartest screen writers in recent times, with a pitch-perfect ear for dramatic dialog. He made the relatively boring subject of Facebook into a highly engaging movie (as opposed to terrible writing, which made a lot of fantastic looking movies painful to endure) and could likely inject similar sizzle in the Steve Jobs movie.

Let's hope they make this deal and get it done. Then all they have to do is cast Steve Jobs. What do you think, TiPb nation, Noah Wiley again?

Source: LA Times

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Aaron Sorkin being courted for Steve Jobs biography, the movie?


Aaron Sorkin is a great choice for this screenplay. He is an AMAZING writer and the Social Network was one of the best films of 2010, while West Wing is one of the best drama's of all time. He has immense talent and could no doubt paint a vivid picture of Steve Jobs based off this novel.

Social Network was a load of shit, best films of 2010 my arse !! It wasn't even worth an illegal download.

Without question Noah Wiley. Steve even admitted that they looked alike. Noah was practically the only thing Steve liked about Pirates.

Why hire Aaron Sorkin? This thing will write itself.
STEVE: "You ripped me off, Schmidt. I gave you a glimpse of the future and you stole it from me. If it takes every penny of Apple's 40 billion dollar fortune, I will DESTROY you!"
ERIC: "Do your worst, Jobs. I'm the chairman of friggin' Google. What did you THINK I was doing at all those board meetings? Drawing penises? You've already lost, man. Give it up."
(Enraged, Steve launches himself across the table at Schmidt, wrapping his arms around Eric's neck.)
STEVE: "Gaaah! I'll kill you"
ERIC: "Urk... ack... can't breathe..."
See, Hollywood? There's more magic available from THIS pen if you've got the big bucks. Call me.