Amazon launches a free music streaming service for Amazon Prime subscribers

Amazon's Prime Music

Amazon has unveiled a music streaming service, dubbed Prime Music, that will be offered for free to all existing Amazon Prime subscribers. Amazon mentions that consumers can choose from over 1 million songs from the catalog at launch, and is also offering a 30-day fee trail for non-Prime members to check out the service.

Unlike Apple's iTunes Radio, Prime Music will be offered for free to anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription (which costs a$99 a year), and does not feature any ads. Instead of individual tracks, the focus will be on playlists, with Amazon stating that there are currently hundreds of "expertly programmed" playlists to choose from.

The service also allows you to download unlimited music offline, with no restriction as far as offline playback is concerned. Offline music will be stored to Amazon's Cloud Player, which makes downloaded music accessible across all Kindle Fire, iOS, Android and Mac/PC devices.

Although the iOS app for Prime Music is not yet available, Amazon should be announcing it sooner rather than later. By launching a music streaming service, Amazon is trying to lure in consumers to use more and more of its own ecosystem. The retailer already offers a dedicated Appstore for its Kindle line of e-readers and tablets, and Prime subscribers can enjoy unlimited video streaming and access to over 500,000 ebooks.

Are you excited about the service? Would you be interested in subscribing to Amazon Prime (if you haven't already) to take advantage of Prime Music? Let us know below.

Source: Amazon

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Amazon launches a free music streaming service for Amazon Prime subscribers


Anyone able to sign in yet? Tells me to sign up on the website. But nothing else works. All my other prime services work fine

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Good-bye Beats! (and Spotify, etc.)

Not saying they'll cease to exist, but since I have Amazon Prime anyway... :D

Does anyone know how many devices we can use? I'd like to get my wife to use it too, we have prime for the family, not just me.

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