American Idol Spam Text Messages on AT&T

Now this is not something new here, but AT&T and American Idol are at it again. The past few days AT&T has been sending out text messages advertising one of Fox's TV shows. How do I know? I got one of them... Of course this message does not cost the recipient anything and they could easily opt out by responding to the spam with a simple "stop". Even so, it still has the ability to be bothersome to AT&T customers.

Like I mentioned above this is not something new, I remember getting a similar text message last year when American Idol started. It would become a nuisance if it started to get out of control but a single text, I can live with that. Now imagine this -- all TV shows start advertising this way, then add movies, random products, etc... Sounds like this has the possibility to become very annoying sometime in the future.

If what I just mentioned turned out to be the case, would you be able to opt out all together? Would you have to opt out on individual advertisements as they are received? We want to know what is your, our readers, take on all of this?

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Reader comments

American Idol Spam Text Messages on AT&T


Didn't really bother me. I have no problem with it, as long as I can go somewhere and configure which ones I'm interested in. Movies, TV yes... news.. no etc...

Pissed I am new to att long time verizon customer... It reminds me of a Sony computer you fire up your new vaio and there is 15 movie ads throught out it

I never got one (thankfully). It wouldn't bother me too much as long as I don't get charged and I can easily opt out.
We live in an advertising age and as much as I hate it we have to get used to it.

I would be ticked, but I didn't get one one either of our 2 phones. Fingers crossed that I never do...

We are already paying too much in most cases for a service that is riddled with problems. Ad's will only increase dropped calls and network problems. In all honesty, how many people really get an ad and respond? If this continues to happen, what's next, paying a premium for ad free service?

If the carriers offer ads as a way to subsidize my cellphone costs, I might opt-in. Getting an occasional spam SMS is palatable if it's saving me some cash - otherwise, consider my Inbox(es) off limits.

Would I be able to respond to American Idol by telling them I've never once watched even one episode, and that their untalented screaming contestants, who monopolize all of the news stories, can all drop dead?

Look i have not gotten one yet... but even if i did? i would not mind as long as it's free (i do have unlimited) but even if i had NO plan at all for texts... as long as it's a free message? i still would not mind, i don't think anyone else should either... a text is a text. Just disregard or delete it.

I got the ad and was about to delete it. But then I started to see how much my life was a joke without Idol. Days lost in work and trying to build a company. Bah! I promptly slammed on my brakes, headed home and set my DVR. I see a new page in my life turning and have these ads from AT&T to thank for it! Ahem, ya, who the heck are these people who actually respond to spam?! Are we allowed to shoot them yet for ruining it for the rest of us?

this is not good. the last thing you need more crap coming at you from another medium.
totally unclassy

@Jason, you hit it on the head... who is responding to this stuff. Somebody must be for it to continue to make sense for them to spend the money. Spam must pay out for these advertisers or they wouldn't keep doing it.
I deleted too fast and didn't read that I can text STOP to opt-out. However, does that stop message count against one of my 200?
Spam in sms, spam in twitter, what's next?

Who is responding to these? Simple, teens who watch American Idol. Even if we don't watch the show look at the amount of people who do. It was something like 32 million who watched the first episode last week. How many of them are teens do you think? Tons.

I didn't get one but I would definitely mind. I don't like telemarketers calling my cell phone or getting spam...e-mail is one thing but my personal cell phone is off limits. Thank you Mcleaner(best call/sms blocker EVER) <3

@Jeremy: Exactly. We're all doomed. Thank God I only have another 30 or so years to go, then I'm outta here. :)

@Jeremy S- I think more old people watch AI than teens. I read/saw somewhere that thats the reason they got the new try to appeal to a younger crowd since the original panel of judges are from like the 80's and no longer relevant.

I cringe at the whole idea of "SMS spamming" I think there should be an opt-in rather than a opt-out, then I could see this working out.
@Trav - just bought a Sony Vaio, it didn't have a bunch of stuff like that on it, actually I was impressed by how little software was on it. Now for HP's, that's a different story...

To Everyone that got the text: you know you recieved it because you voted last time around! Don't act like you d'int! LOL ;)

If this happens, I see text message advertising to be the replacment for telemarketing...that's the whole reason I got rid of my home phone!!! Ehhhh!!!

Actions like this are why everyone is starting to look to IP telephony, and more and more cell phones will fall into the background. Soon cell phones will become very little more than an apparatus to put a microphone and speaker on your Internet connection.
How do I know? I'm a principle engineer for a major fiber optic company, and also a former A level at several cell carriers. Thankful to be out of the telecommunications industry and now focused wholly on Linux and tech, I see cell phones all together as a nuisance.
Give AT&T enough rope, and they'll hang everyone, not just themselves!

I have received a few telemarketer calls on my iPhone, but no advertising texts yet. I can foresee a "Do Not Text" list in the future much like the current "Do Not Call" list you can put your number on for telemarketers now.

sms advertising is a pest to society. i receive many ads a month which ends up costing a lot due to only having a few texts a month allowed in my service but i don't want unlimited texting due to only ever texting one person

I really enjoyed the final 5 Idol group medley last night. It was moving to see Aaron Kelly eliminated however I think the other singers were better so he had to go!

I think Donald Trump would be a better American Idol judge compared with Harry Connick Jr. - Trump is not at all afraid to voice what he thinks plus can be as controversial as Simon Cowell.