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Apple updates MacBook Air line with faster CPUs, lower prices

As rumored in the past day, Apple has updated the MacBook Air with new Intel Haswell processors while slashing the price by $100. The base 11- and 13-inch Air models now sport 1.4GHz Core i5 chips, up from 1.3GHz on the previous model. The 11-incher starts at $899, while the 13-inch is $999, and the price drop also affects the 256GB models, which now sell for $1,099 and $1,199.

The new MacBook Air models are also available from Apple's Canadian and U.K. stores, though the Canadian store's prices don't appear to have been lowered at the time of writing.

Source: Apple (U.S.), Apple (Canada), Apple (U.K.)

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Reader comments

Apple updates MacBook Air line with faster CPUs, lower prices


If Apple releases a 5.5" iPhone 6, I may just ditch my iPad Air for that and pick up one of these babies. Decisions, decisions.

That works in theory, but only if they allow it to use iPad apps. A lot of the best productivity apps are iPad only. Sadly, there are some games that are also iPad only that would work on a 5.5" screen.

True enough on the productivity front, however that's what the MacBook Air would be for. All of the games I like so far are available on both iPad and iPhone.

The price drop may make more room for the Air with Retina Display. I was hoping it came out today but that was wishful thinking.

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I said this on a couple other boards...I don't see Apple announcing a retina MBA via press release. If they've got one or something like it in the pipeline it will either show up at WWDC or later in the year. I'm thinking later in the year since they decided to update the current gen now rather than wait until WWDC.

I don't see how this is bad. Macbook Pro is a different line of Apple laptops. Plus, the Air didn't get the retina display as rumoured which makes my Late 2013 MBPr irreplaceable.

May be a great option for my next. MacBook Pro is a little long in the tooth. I am wondering if Chromebooks and all the neat windows convertibles are fueling this competition? Love my chromebook and using fully fledged Mac OS a little bit less. Interesting.

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i didn't ask for a smart ass reply. simply stating that's not enough of a drop for me to consider it. an 11 inch screen, 128GB hard drive and an average processor, what good is that? no laptop should ever come with less than 300GB

You do realize that a 300GB SSD Drive would drive the price up very high. If you want plastic crap you can always but WindoZe

Just because it might not hit your sweet spot, doesn't mean that it doesn't for many people. I'm digging my MBA 13" (though I'd definitely take advantage of bumping the RAM and SSD up now that they dropped another $100 off them).

In order to get this kind of build quality in a Windows laptop you have to spend nearly as much (maybe even more).

I have a feeling the price won't go down in Canada, since other things like the PS4 have actually seen a price increase recently because of the dollar.

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