Are fullscreen, auto-playing iAds on the way?

Are fullscreen, auto-playing iAds on the way?

Apple might be preparing to offer new fullscreen, video iAds that play automatically. Described as TV commercial-like "interstitials," the ads would interrupt whatever a user was doing in an app at the time. Given Apple's emphasis on user experience, it's more likely that the ads will appear after something is completed in an app, for instance when a user reaches the end of a level in a game. Apple has had trouble attracting advertisers to its iAd program, and these new ads may be an effort to grab their attention, according to Ad Age:

The in-app video ads may be a way for Apple to rekindle advertisers' interests in its fancy-but-flawed iAds. The ad product line was unveiled in 2010 with all the pomp and circumstance of a new iPhone, but they've struggled to gain traction in the market.

What do you think of the possibility of fullscreen iAds? Sound off below in the comments.

Source: Ad Age

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Reader comments

Are fullscreen, auto-playing iAds on the way?


A novel way to handle user experience issues. I had never thought of getting rid of the users...

I absolutely despise adsorb my devices. As much as I like my iOS devices, this would make me look at the other mobile platforms.
If it will be thru third party apps only, I'd delete every app that did it and find something else.
And who's paying for all the cellular plan data this would burn?
Not. Me.

More like adding more ads is a perfect way to get me to stop using your app. There are millions of apps in the app store, I'm sure I can find an alternative that won't be trying to drive me away.

drive me away form "your anything": app, device, program, magazine, sporting event, website, whatever. With most things adding more ads drives me away and in this case it's Apple starting this whole thing so they get a portion of the blame. But yes i'd look at other apps. But if it got to the point where everything had ads i couldn't ignore or avoid i'd go to some other platform.

To me it depends. If I am getting an app that has a paid ad-free version and an ad-supported version then fine. That way I can buy the app and lose the advertisements. If there isn't an option to remove them through purchasing the app, then forget it.

Are they trying to force people away from their products? This is exactly what it sounds like. people hate ads.

We pay a premium for apple devices to avoid things like this and already gives Apple their much better than average margin. Bad move.

Not cool. I will never use any app that puts ads on my screen. I'd rather buy the paid version of an app just to avoid the ads.

Will have to see how this looks! It's not any different then the ads that you have to watch before watching a video.

Sent from the iMore App

People complain ads suck. We'll then buy the app. Wait then people complain they don't want to buy apps, they only download free one, but ads suck. Well what the hell, you want apps right. The app developer has to make money somehow so you can see quality apps. As an app developer myself I don't intend to incorporate those video ads for now. But really how bad is it, if you can't see a YouTube video right away cuz you gotta wait 3 seconds to tap Skip Ad, you wait few seconds in between some levels of a really cool game. Some of you people are acting like these ads will just pop up randomly while on your iphone.

no, i'd don't need the app that bad. I'll just find another or do without. I don't care about app developers. I'm not a developer. Seriously. They aren't my friends. I don't owe them anything. They are like anyone else selling me shit. Not different then cable tv. I don't care about them. They sell a product. I'll either buy it or not. Like tv. i'll either pay for tv with ads or be fine with doing without tv. I've bought 4 apps total and only use two. Waste of money. It's not that important. I can do without.

I dont think Apple would resort to this. Not to consumers that spend a shitload of money on their hardware and ecosystem. They place the user experience at the center of their strategy for a reason. This is Carl Icahn-like mentality, not Cook-like long term view (not speaking literally here, but you get the drift). Remember the discussion here on the fact that Apple was not giving advertisers the same amount of user data Google or Facebook are? Everybody here was putting forward the argument that Apple sells products at high margin when the two others sell their customers to advertisers, and therefore Cupertino would not resort to that? well well well....

I'm no influencer, im just an average Joe. But there's one thing I've always done: voicing discontent for products and services with my wallet. I've dropped support for many things over the years because companies were merely thinking of the clients as cash cows. I'd do it again in a second with Apple if they implement this sh*t. Which I dont think they will.

I hate the idea. I'd rather pay than have ads on my devices and would never buy anything suggested to me by online ads or marketing calls, so they wouldn't get any business from me except the initial "upgrade" (or delete if no ad free version of the app is available).

Ditto with SoCalMacGuy! I will NOT abide ads that take over the full screen to stream within ANY application, end of subject. LTE is not available here, so having to wait on an EDGE or 3G stream to complete, buffer, whatever, simply is not an option.

This is why I use Netflix and barely, if at all, watch live TV anymore. I am also the same person that will spend two dollars on a cup of coffee and not spend 99 cents on an app. I'm not cheap. I just don't think pixles are woth it. What really erks me is when companies like HULU who are already charging you a premium to use their service continue to use ads. In a world full of product placements (Try watching "The Following" and drink every time you see a "Windows" Device/OS") We need peace and quiet.

My opinion:
If it is a paid app. Apple can stick it up its Macintosh!!
Apple is on my #2 list this week! I sold my stock because T CrOOK doesn't want anyone who disagrees with liberal scams like global warming to be shareholders. So-I'm out!
Then this?!?
I am torn. IMO-no question Apple makes the best quality products! That's why we pay what we do. I just dispose their policies and it's time they start listening to the end consumer!

Hulu was mentioned. I agree 100%!!! We are canceling our service at the end of the month. I don't pay for it to watch ads!