The Ashton Kutcher jOBS movie actually going to release, pegged to open August 16

The Ashton Kutcher jOBS movie which originally should have launched on April 19, is actually set to release finally on August 16, four months later. Initial reactions to the movie were mixed to say the least, but in a couple of months time the general public will get their chance to see it.

Initially Open Road Films decided to pull the release due to insufficient time to market it properly. Presumably then, launching in August, we'll start to see more and more of it in the coming weeks and months. August 16 is the nationwide launch in the U.S, so at the moment there's no word on if and when international viewers may get to see it. However good or bad it may be, we'll admit to being a little curious to see it. Who's with us?

via The Verge

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The Ashton Kutcher jOBS movie actually going to release, pegged to open August 16


I always think it's funny when a movie is made that doesn't live up to expectations, the studio still releases it but just arbitrarily delays it.. As if its magically going to get a new script and reshoot itself in the meantime. As far as I know, the marketing push and hype has died down significantly since the time it was originally going to be released, so I don't buy the "time to properly market" excuse.

Why did they have to pick Ashton Kutcher to play him? Why not a real actor with brains like Edward Norton. Kutcher is a model turned actor I will not be going to see this movie. I'm disappointed in their choice to play the amazing Steve Jobs!

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