Want to transcode Blu-Ray/DVD to MP4 video using disc images? Now there's a script for that!

Blu-Ray/DVD to MP4 video transcording scripts updated to support disc images, more

Back in November, the legendary Don Melton sat down with me to record Vector 22: transcoding video, all about getting the best-possible results for personal use. Don was kind enough to formalize some scripts to help move media from Blu-Ray/DVD to MP4 format, namely, "transcode video file" and "detect crop". Well, Don's now updated both to version 2.0:

Both 2.0 video transcoding scripts now accept a complete disc image directory as input, and neither depends on mediainfo anymore. Startup time for transcode-video.sh is now ~10x faster. (Oh, if I could only speed up the actual transcoding by that factor. :) A few more bugs are now fixed, e.g. failure to transcode MPEG video with closed captions. Thanks for letting me spam all of you.

If you have any questions on them, please refer back to the original podcast and show notes. (If you need extra help, we'll be posting some how-tos in the near future.)

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Want to transcode Blu-Ray/DVD to MP4 video using disc images? Now there's a script for that!


This is so wicked cool!
... Even if it is still a bit over my head at times.

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It's advanced level ninjary, to be sure, and like Don says at the beginning of the show, for 99% of people, an iTunes or similar digital copy will be fine.

I've been wanting to create iTunes versions of some if the discs we have on the shelf for my girls to access via iTunes.
Of course, if money wasn't an issue, I'd just buy them [again] on iTunes, but this guy doesn't have that luxury.

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Rookie question: what's the difference between using these scripts and Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro? Thanks!

Premiere and FCP are tools for editing video - typically for making your own content. These scripts are strictly for transforming your existing (legally purchased) videos into a format you can easily take on your mobile devices.

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OK, but can those programs do the same thing: convert discs to digital files etc.?

Sorry I wasn't more clear at the outset.

FCP and Premiere can't "rip" DVDs. They can only be used for editing video. You would need programs like RipIt or Mac The Ripper to rip DVDs. Handbrake converts DVDs over too.