Could Apple be getting ready to release a 7" iPad nano and re-designed iPhone 5 as early as January? Could the iPod shuffle or nano with a 1.7" screen be around the corner in September? Are bumpers going all-silicone?

Our gut says crazy talk, but iLounge has a pretty good track record on leaks so take these for what they're worth, even if it's with an ocean-sized grain of salt.

Here are some details:

  1. New iPods. Apple apparently has three new iPods ready to go as early as this month, or as late as September. One is the new iPod nano, one is the new iPod touch, and the third one is a question mark, but may be a small (1.7”) touchscreen replacement for the iPod shuffle.

  2. New iPad. A seven-inch-screened version of the iPad is substantially finished and will be ready for announcement either later this year or early in 2011.

  3. New iPhone. According to our source—and we have to say that we find this part hard to believe—Apple is pushing up the release date of the fifth-generation iPhone to early 2011 (as soon as January) because of the antenna issues with the iPhone 4.

  4. iPhone 4 Bumpers, Generations 0 and 2. To reduce the cost of the current iPhone 4 Case Program, the company is currently working on a less expensive all-silicone version of the Bumper to give away after September.

Would Apple fragment the iPad market so quickly by introducing a smaller device? They haven't done that with iPhone or iPod touch going on 4 years now. Could a January iPhone be an iPhone 4 variant for Verizon instead?

If you have any insight, shoot us an email. If you have a guess, drop it in the comments!