FaceTime from the middle of the Pacific Ocean

FaceTime from the middle of the Pacific Ocean

This is ridiculously future-cool -- an iPhone 4 video call from the middle of the Pacific Ocean thanks to a boat, a satellite-powered Wi-Fi hotspot, and FaceTime.

FaceTime from the middle of the Pacific. Arthur and Peter, my MotionX colleagues are in the office in Santa Cruz, California and get video-taped doing FaceTime between Pete’s iPhone 4 in Santa Cruz and my iPhone 4 in the middle of the Pacific Ocean one of the most isolated spots in the world. When it came up, it was like magic! To paraphrase Arthur Clarke, Great innovative technology and magic are literally indistinguishable. This is what the Camera-Phone was designed to do.

Video after the break...

[Skipper's Blog via Daring Fireball]

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FaceTime from the middle of the Pacific Ocean


He's on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no land for 1000 miles. Do you really think they're going to be a cel site around?

I am not talking about the specific situation in the boat... Of course there are situaiton in which is useful... I talk about the day to day life, a normal day in our lifs... Why I would want facetime only with wifi?? I need facetime with 3g, that's all... but maybe it's not apple's fault, but the carriers...

Of course not... that's the beauty of the consumer: the right to always request more from our providers... that's life

@JR oh yeah it doesnt matter anymore, if Apple says it's fine and gives you a case a product is no longer defective. Sorry my bad I forgot.

There is nothing new about FaceTime!! What's so fantastic and wonderful about it?! 3G video calls has been around for years and years.. Give it a break ffs.

Awww that's cool, but what is not told is that you have to use a satellite powered wifi like mentioned aboved which cost alot of money per month. When I'm on cruise ship I see people talking on there cells and i laugh because see you get cell service but you are on cruise ships service which they charge by the minute and is not cheap something like $5 per minute. Read that peoples phone bills were like $1,000 or more for that cruise. So if you are on cruise beware of that