Friday Fun Video: Palm Pre Fans Dreaming in 1960s Technicolor

Springtime, when videos turn their attention towards impending gadgets that are other than the iPhone. Samsung Instinct, BlackBerry Storm, Nokia... what was it again? This time it's the Palm Pre, with interactions lifted from the iPhone and a faux-Scottish accent taken from Scrooge McDuck, and it's dreaming of taking out the iPhone with a little 1960's Adam West Batman ZAP! POW! action, chum.

Only problem? The iPhone is the 2000's Christian Bale style goram Batman.

Best of luck with that little fight, then...

Rene Ritchie

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zeagus says:

Plus, they spend a lot of time banging on about features that are missing from the iPhone, but those features are in OS 3.0. Oh, well... Pre needs to launch like months ago to stand a chance against 3rd gen iPhone hardware running iPhone OSX 3.0. Don't get me wrong, I dig Synergy, but I think I'll be queuing up for Mr. Jobs' newest.

The Reptile says:

Confucius Time: If the 3.0 iPhone comes out before the Pre do the iPhone's deficiencies even exist?

Steve says:

"... you don't have a proper keyboard..."
The first thing I want to see after this thing comes out is a typing race between an iPhone user and a Pre user. :lol:

Jeremy says:

At least they could have used an iPhone 3G in the video...

Stephen says:

Pretty sure that was a legit Scottish accent.

Wyatt says:

Funny, good entertainment at best.

xwarhammerx says:

I'm just going to be the bigger man and say this...I do miss my physical keyboard A LOT..