Next generation MobileMe codenamed "Castle"?

Next generation MobileMe codenamed

Digging through the the Mac OS X Lion beta, Consomac found strings for "Castle", which looks to be the codename or the next generation MobileMe.

Complete your Castle upgrade

Click OK to open System Preferences and complete your upgrade from MobilMe to Castle

"Castle" could be the placeholder for iCloud, if Apple chooses to go with that name, but given the "upgrade" language in the string, it looks to be more than just a name change at least. We've already conjectured about what could be included in the next generation MobileMe, and that WWDC 2011 in June could be when the announcement is made.

What remains to be seen is how Apple will tie sync with cloud storage, and what if anything will bridge it's still disparate social services including Ping and Game Center?

[Consomac via TUAW]

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Next generation MobileMe codenamed "Castle"?


Being a big fan of Les Miserables, maybe its a reference to one of the songs- Castle in the Cloud?

Oh. My. Jobs! That's gotta be it. I wonder if Steve is a fan also? That makes total sense though.