Here's how Sprint can save you money on Spotify

Spotify and Sprint

Sprint today as part of its announcement of the exclusive Harman/Kardon edition of the HTC One M8 also announced a new deal for Spotify subscriptions. And it's extended to iPhone owners as well.

All new and existing postpaid (ie not pre-paid) Sprint customers will get six free months of Spotify Premium, if you're on a "Framily" plan. In addition on working with iPhone users, those on Android and Windows Phone can also take advantage of this deal.

And after the initial six months, you'll get a discount on your Spotify subscription, which varies depending on your level of Framliness.

Here's the deal.

Category Features
Framily (1-5 people) 6 months free and then $7.99/mo.
After 18 months, customers will pay full $9.99/mo.
Framily (6-10 people) 6 months free and then $4.99/mo.
After 18 months, customers will pay full $9.99/mo.
Non-Framily customers 3 months free and then $9.99/mo. (must opt-out)

And that's it. The whole thing starts this Friday, May 2.

Phil Nickinson

Phil is a recovering print journalist, editor of Android Central, subtitles and street signs

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suitcasejohnny says:

This would be nice if they had a reliable network for streaming music. I'm on Sprint, and when I stream from Google music, it constantly won't load songs if I'm not on WiFi. Even in areas where it says I have 4G LTE. Recently, I had to get an iPhone for my work phone, and it's on AT&T. I never have issues streaming music on that phone. Sprint needs to build a reliable network before they offer services that probably won't work on their network half the time.

WestonCory says:

They do have a reliable network for streaming music. Do it all the time. No issues. You are either lying or a troll.

suitcasejohnny says:

I've had Sprint for over 10 years, and still waiting for it to catch up to the other providers. Maybe you're in an area with better LTE than I am? Do you really think their network performs the same all over the country? If so, you're either lying, or retarded.

heberman says:

As a Spotify subscriber and also on a Framily 10-person group: Sweet!