Updated: Hulu Plus for iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone announced

Update: The Hulu Plus application [iTunes Link - Free] is now available within the App Store. We viewed some of the free content on a iPhone 4 over AT&T's 3G network and it streamed flawlessly.

Today that rumor of Hulu introducing a premium paid service has come true as they have officially announced Hulu Plus. It will run you a cool $9.99/month and that will give you streaming access - via Wi-Fi or 3G - to entire seasons of shows that are already available on the free web service along with other programming that is not available on Hulu's website. And the good news is it's just not for iPads but rather every device in the iOS family - iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. There will also be future support for a countless number of other devices such as the Playstation 3 (July) and Xbox 360 (2011). If this sounds like your cup of tea be sure to sign up for the preview invite here.

How many of you are getting ready to do away with your cable or satellite TV service?

Video after the break!

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Reader comments

Updated: Hulu Plus for iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone announced


Bye, Bye Cable Companies and you're ridiculous monthly bills/fees! It looks like the day when cable is gone forever is coming much more quickly than even I anticipated. Canceling cable TODAY!

@deathgrip you don't have to, but if you want a richer (and legal) experience you will. When given the choice between paying the cable companies $170/mth vs. paying $20/mth using netflix/hulu for just about the same content, $10 ain't so bad.

Let me get this straight.
1-I use up my data allocation
2-I can get the current episodes free
3-Though my cable costs 2xs as much I get 10 the programming channels plus on-demand (back episodes--no charge for the channel I already get)
for $10 a month!!!
Sounds too high to me

at the 2gb data limit AT&T imposed on it's customers this is seriously going to eat up data :/

@JT with my provider, yes....technically, but they really don't enforce it. You'll only show up on their radar if your pulling down TBs of data i.e torrents, etc.

Guess the preview is not ready yet. All I get "This video not available for iPhone". Cable is way to high, but unless I hook up to the big family tv via av, watching programs on the iPhone is more of a novelty. Compared to cable $9.95 is not bad, but why pay for. programs you can already see for free.

once I can watch live sports on hulu, I'm in. but until then I canttttt get rid of cable

@18- Cable is a lot more than $10/mo and is still ad-supported for most (non-premium) channels.

People are complaining that it's $10/month, and ad-supported? Have you never heard of Cable or satellite television, that has far more ads than Hulu, and I can't just turn my television to 'channel x' and watch season 1 of Arrested Development?
I've said before Hulu plus was even announced that i'd pay for a monthly subscription even with ads, because I'm doing the same thing with Comcast for $60+ a month.

@deathgrip yeah, it's ad supported, but when you pay for cable you still have to sit thru commercials on a majority of the channels. Plus, on hulu what's the avg lenth of commercials? I believe it's something like 30 seconds. Not sure of the revenue breakdown with the ads and whatnot, but they gotta pay for all that bandwidth somehow

@Matt(sz) right on, man. Just last nite I cancelled my cable service. Just that alone will end saving me $1200/mth. 10 bucks a month is small potatoes.

It would definitely be worth it if they took away the 8-day delay for so many TV shows. Don't see that happening, though...

Can anyone point me to a link that outlines unlocking a 3GS? I searched on TiPb, but can only find results for 3G. I have 3.1.3 software version on the 3GS.

@yoda I gotta wait a few months to a year for particular shows/movies to come out on netflix so 8 days isn't such a big deal.

I don't know if I'd go for the paid Hulu, but I just cancelled my cable last week. Roku with Netflix and Slingbox FTW. Netflix minimum for streaming is only $10/mo and Roku and Slingbox are one-time costs.

This would be a good idea if Hulu had live TV and many more programs. However, there are many programs that Hulu does not host that would make cancelling cable service unwise at the present time - at least for me.

Cable has much more commercials.... But there's DVR!!!! You can fast forward thru them. I too wouldn't pay for HULU. I love the ABC iPad app. Other networks should follow ABC's lead.

Sorry not paying. I also don't know who is paying $170/month for cable, you should complain. I need live TV and Sports. Comcast gives me plenty online now as well or record everything I want with Windows Media Center and watch recordings on my iPhone or Xbox.

Why are all these KIDS and trolls rating the App with 1 star??
GROW THE @#@# up and get a job you fat basement nerds.
The APP is amazing 5/5 stars...
Sick of this garbage, they should check for age and maturity before allowing people to review apps.

Not paying. I have Orb which was a one time fee of 9.99. Stream anything including photos and music as well as cable.

I don't have cable or sat anyway, but I use Hulu a lot, and I don't mind paying $10 to have it on my iPad/iPhone, even better if the app supports video out so I can play on my TV.

If they took off ads and gave me shows the day they aired so I can stream then that would be worth $10 a month.

I just tried to hook up my iPhone to my tv with the Apple Component AV Cable and nothing happens. Only get sound, no video with the Hulu app. Anyone else try this?

so wait what does this mean for the capped data rates?? lol is this worth paying 10/mo for if you don't have unlimited data?

@Webvex: You have a Slingbox and you cancelled your cable a week ago? So.... What is your slingbox hooked to at the moment? Not being a smart a#% or anything just curious.

Find this interesting. It some what gives you an explanation of the price point and supported ads
"With Hulu Plus, we believe we’ve met that goal. For our end users, we’re offering them the most convenient way to access their favorite shows, on devices they love, in high definition, at a fair price. For our advertisers, who allow us to keep our Hulu Plus price low with the support of ad revenue, we offer one of the world’s most effective advertising platforms, with the ability to speak effectively to users across a variety of devices, anywhere they happen to be. And finally, for our content partners, we offer revenues that compensate them fairly for bearing the cost of producing the shows we love."
Source: http://blog.hulu.com/2010/06/29/introducing-hulu-plus-more-wherever-more...

@Greg, did you try you tube or the video app? Make sure av front or back is on depending on your set up. I have not tried it with HuLu

Application Not Compatible- This application requires the iPhone 3.2 software update
Obviously there is no 3.2 for iPhone, does this work on 4.0?

@Glenn, yeah, it's hooked up correctly because i use it all the time. I even tried youtube and a video just to double check and video works with that.

Hulu plus for iPhone works very well, accept for paying a subscription for access to shows I already pay for with my cable bill. When is Netflix going to come out with instant queue mobile? Already paying for that!!!

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Thanks for the article Jeremy. Hulu is great on iPad. If live outside USA, you can use tools like UnoTelly to get Hulu on your iPad.