Want to play iOS games on your big screen TV?

We've seen iPhones used to control iPad games before but now it looks li Looks like our dreams of using our iPhones as a controller while playing iPad games on our TV are coming true. Big Bucket Software is the first to make it happen.

The Incident is a retro-style action game available on the iPhone and iPad that has a controller mode which allows use of your iPhone as a controller for the iPad. In their next update, you will be able to use your iPad as a console (with video out) so that you can play the game on your TV. This is very exciting and we can't wait to try it out.

Now it's time to dream further. Sure, using AirPlay to stream the game directly to Apple TV would be awesome, but it'd be even more awesome and much more elegant for Apple to open up the SDK of Apple TV and allow developers to make games that can be purchased directly with Apple TV. Pair this with Game Center, and Apple could make a decent competitor in the console business.

To see a video of The Incident in action, follow us after the break!

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Reader comments

Want to play iOS games on your big screen TV?


We currently play all of our apps on TV. The A/V cable from Apple + DisplayOut from Cydia = Mirror's Edge and every other game on the TV or even a projector. Looks and sounds great! :-)

Why not have everything in one? No need for iPad, just video out on iPhone to tv while keeping the controller overlay on the phone. Add air play to it and you can sign me up.

Chopper 2 has exactly the same feature (game runs on iPad, is displayed on TV and controlled by iPhone) since October. So Big Bucket is NOT the first to make it happen. Come on, do your homework!

I want to see "eliminate: gunrange" with the battlefield pushed to the ATV and controls (movements, eyesight and ammo) on the iPhone!

A fascinating demo, but it is hard to see how this would make a compelling game experience. iPhone games are (mostly) playable without real buttons because the virtual buttons overlay your viewing area, so there is only small context shift if your fingers shift off the controls. With your attention focused on a different screen (the TV) than the controls, and with no tactile feedback, the context shift would be large, leading to, at best, a frustrating experience for any realtime game.

yeah chopper 2 has done this forever and the control scheme is fantastic and takes full use of the iphone as controller you can also have a iphone control another iphone 4 or ipad.

First was iPhone 4 metallic case review which is bad. Not because of the review, but because of reviewing a product not worth reviewing. Then something old popping up. TiPB. Gosh.

i was wondering if they were going to put the white dots on the screen like they do for the emulator so you could see where your fingers were in relation to the controls.