iPhone 3G Rumors Galore!

iPhone 3G Rumors Galore

Have you been hiding under a rock lately? If so, come on outside, it's springtime and springtime means (this year, at least) that iPhone 3G rumors are flying around so fast and furious they'll make your head spin faster than the first time you heard about the birds and the bees. So what's the word?

The word is basically that the iPhone 3G is going to look and feel a lot like the current iPhone, with a few small changes. The first is that the aluminum backing is going to be replaced by plastic -- plastic is generally bad but we trust that Apple has it in them to do it right. This plastic-backed iPhone will also apparently not be exactly the same shape as the current iPhone, but close enough for government work. Well, closer than that. Anyhow, what this means is that the iPhone will be all black.  Actually, a single type of plastic for the entire shell of the iPhone 3G means that Apple can release multiple colors.  White, for example, seems like it would be the obvious choice.

Oh, and that "3G" part in "iPhone 3G" means that, yes, it will have 3G. We can also expect it to have full GPS and maybe, just maybe, another surprise or two.

Of course, there are naysayers for all of the above

Last but not least: release date.  Nobody knows.  The consensus seems to be that it will be announced at WWDC this June and released later in the year.   We can pretty much guarantee a release by the end of the year -- AT&T said so, so there.  There are other rumors swirling about, though.  For example: AT&T employees are not allowed to go on vacation until after May 15th ""due to projected increased traffic and an exciting new promotion/product launch." The only other time that's happened was when the original iPhone was launched.  Likely?  No.  Intriguing?  Sure.

There's also the fact that there are a bunch of 3G rumors coming out of Europe.  This makes sense -- a lot of industry folks believe that the iPhone's poor performance in Europe is due to the fact that they're all 3G snobs: if it ain't 3G, it ain't a real phone.  The latest is that the iPhone 3G is going to be tested in Austria very soon


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iPhone 3G Rumors Galore!

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Well, all I can say is it better not have a recessed earphone jack! I still can't believe they screwed us with that in the original models. I love being at a friends place and wanting to play some hot new shiz for them only to remember the earphone jack and have to ask "you don't by any chance have an iphone sized adaptor for that 3.5mm stereo input do you?" Arg.
Also, better have flash and the ability to play music from websites so I can actually take advantage of the 3G speed. That is all. ;-)

I'm honored that according to the Yahoo search engine, my decision to swap my iPhone for a Voyager stunned the world.
Haven't made the switch yet, but I will have to do it. I already have a verizon account for the family and I can't get calls on edge!

nah it's true : edge is off when calling, and sometimes callers get bumped to voicemail when edge is not only on but being used.

Just because in Europe we have access to 3G networks as standard and the common sense to wait for a 3G iPhone does that make us snobs? Or does it make us sensible and patient? One takes offence at the snob comment sir! How very dare you!
P.S. I hate being sensible an patient. I want my 3G iPhone!!!!!

I talked to ATT yesterday and they said the new iphone would not allow "pass through" so you can use the phone as a modem for a PC. This is ludicris! All other major phones allow this feature so you don't need two devices to connect your phone and pc to the cell network. Has anyone dealt with this?

You all are so blind. No duh, its going to have 3G and my assistant who worls at Apple in Cupertino has shown me model diagrams. Yes it will be plastic, but like on the first gen ipod nanos. and still a 2 MP camera with thirty second viseo recording. Anymore queationa? Visit www.usaswimming.com

Well as of 8:26pm on 6/8 you cannot purchase an iphone from apple site or att site.
Tomorrow all new phones on sale! Nice

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If you are looking to upgrade to the new 3G apple iphone I have the solution for you. If you sign up to the website iphonefix1.net. You be the first to replace your old iphone, and get a new 3G iphone. Plus you will be getting an amazing warranty that will cover your iphone from any damage, when you sign up.

I am asking the same question as my friend above. Will the iphone work in the Caribbean...e.g Barbados where there is no AT&T???? If not what are we to do should we wish to purchase an iphone?

Nique / Lorre
If you can get an unlocked IPhone, it'll work here in the Caribbean but you won't be able to use the IPhone 3G's high speed data capabilities because we don't have a 3G network here.
Well, here in Barbados anyway.
I think some of the other islands, Jamaica comes easiest to mind, may have 3G networks or are close to rolling them out

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hey guys!
i just bought an iphone 3g.i sent to the shop because the offered me another few applications. while their technician was working on it, my iphone could not be turned on anymore:(
anyone give me more information?what should i do now??

Hey people i want the iphone 3g s for my phone this year becuase i already have an ipod touch and luv it but can i send pictures as messages, becuase i do tht alot.