iWork, iPhoto, and iMovie for iOS going free with all new iOS devices [updated]

iWork, iPhoto, and iMovie for iOS going free with all new iOS devices

Apple has just announced live from their iPhone event that the entire iWork suite comprising of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote as well as iMove and iPhoto will be free with the purchase of any new iOS device.

Currently, all of these apps are priced at $9.99 in the App Store. There doesn't seem to be any mention of GarageBand but if we hear anything on that being included, we'll update as we know more.

Update: Apple's website is showing that iWork will be free for all iOS 7 qualifying devices purchased after September 1st. We aren't sure if this means Apple will issue refunds to anyone who purchased iWork after that date or not. More on this as we can receive clarification. Currently, the verbiage is only showing up on Apple's US website.

Thanks to all who sent in the tip on the website verbiage!

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rayz336 says:

I wonder if you'll have to update to iOS 7 to get them for free, I hope not as I'd rather keep my jailbreak.

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ScoobyDoo27 says:

Well it says with a new device that you will get them for free. Apple isn't going to ship the new devices with anything but iOS 7. If you already have an iPhone you'll either have to buy all the apps or go buy a new iPhone.

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rayz336 says:

That's an interesting thought but since iTunes considers a fresh install of iOS as a new device, I wonder if that counts for these apps.

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Meh Bohls says:

Everyone should be leaving feedback to Apple on this issue. http://www.apple.com/feedback/

JordanHomes says:

hmmm... since these apps are universal, by purchasing an iPhone 5s, I should get iWork on my iPad mini too?

Gsarfin says:

I was wondering the same kinda thing. More specifically if I get my wife a 5C or 5S, can I install it on my 4S with same apple ID account?

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brian24587 says:

So free on my new iPhone 5s but have to pay to get them on my iPad 4? I also just bought a Mini the other day so free there too. They should just go full free with this. I already paid for these apps on my Mac. I should be able to use them anywhere.

iSRS says:

Chances are they are tied to your account, so if you don't already have them, and buy a new device, you will get them free, and they will be available as purchased for your other devices.

Plus, while not eligible for an upgrade this year, I will be next and assume this isn't a temporary thing.

(Of course, I have and use them all already. Some, like numbers and iPhoto, on a daily basis)

These are great apps.

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arwaldon4 says:

So I will have to pay for these with my iPhone 5 since I bought this from day one? Am i to understand that correctly, because that sort of sucks for those of us who purchased previously. Same thing with this update price to replace phones with regards to Applecare+.

Mikel Potts says:

I paid for these apps over two years ago (aprox) and have had free upgrades ever since. They were worth it. I'm not fazed that some people will be able to get them for free now. Hurray for them. Welcome to the family.

willizen says:

It's called a promotion. Why do you think you are entitled to a promotion if you don't buy the item the promotion is bundled with? Prior purchases don't entitle you to future promotions.

admirer_of_you says:

Ally Bank is currently running a commercial that exposes how stupid this "new customer promotion" idea is. The basis of it if you haven't seen it is that an existing customer of a company has to watch a new customer right beside him get all sorts of special benefits and promotions while he gets dick. The voiceover says something along the lines of how unfair it is for a company to treat new customers like VIPs while treating their existing loyal customer base like second-rate citizens.

I'm not saying that a person that bought these apps a year or more ago should get a refund. But this pricing should be open to anyone with any ios device. It's a real screw you from Apple for those of us with a 5 that aren't able to upgrade yet to miss out on this. Or to miss it on iPads. Apple can be a real bullshitter sometimes.

ZeroLeonheart says:

I don't agree with this because at one point you (general you, not you specifically) were a new customer and somewhere there was a guy upset because the new guy got some promotional offer and you (again, not you specifically) got nothing. Everyone is a new customer the first time.

Having the promotion open to anyone is a valid argument (I thought I was getting Keynote for free today! Womp Womp!) but promos are just to get new customers in the door. Ally Bank is going to have new customers at some point, and their old customers are going to be pissed when the newbies get some promo they didn't get.

willizen says:

Nice deal. And with iWork in the cloud now, this is a great response to google docs.

cctpitts01 says:

Like someone already stated does this mean when you purchase a new device or when we update are present devices to IOS7 cause Apple sees whenever we do an update as a new activation that I was told.

crazygonzo says:

So loyal customers and iOS supporters will get them with an iOS 7 update ? Does a user have to set up a new account to get those ? What's happening here ?

chris_328 says:

Too bad to say that IOS7 bought devices after September 1 will be the only eligible to download the 5 free apps.
They must put it on all IOS 7 compatible devices with NO DATE RESTRICTION. We pay for our devices we bought on Apple!

BeyondtheTech says:

I just did a full wipe of one of my iOS devices with iOS 7 and started from scratch instead of restoring from a backup. Unfortunately, I was not prompted to download any of the Apple apps for free and when I went into the App Store, all the items were still listed at their respective prices. So, it appears it might have to be 1. an iOS device that's never been activated before September 1, 2013, and 2. already installed with iOS 7.

While I don't condone it, I bet if you picked up any iOS device from a store now, but did a device recovery with iOS 7.0 GM before normally powering it on, then performed the activation, you'll get those free apps.

Galley says:

Would a refurbished iPad be eligible? A co-worker is planning on buying one next week.

Polenzo says:

For anyone else in the same position as me, of which I'm guessing there's quite a few - I ordered a 5s about a week ago - not received it as yet - but now all the iWork, iPhoto / iMovie apps have become free to download already from the app store......