Leonardo DiCaprio and Danny Boyle latest star and director rumored for Aaron Sorkin Steve Jobs movie

Leonardo DiCaprio and Danny Boyle latest star and director rumored for Aaron Sorkin Steve Jobs movie

With Christian Bale and David Fincher off the rumor mill for the Aaron Sorkin-penned Steve Jobs movie room has opened up for Leonardo DiCaprio and Danny Boyle. Sorkin and Fincher had previously worked together for Social Network and although there doesn't seem to be any Sorkin/Boyle connection, DiCaprio and Boyle previously worked together on The Beach (I don't remember it either). The Hollywood Reporter claims the exclusive:

Sources caution that deals are not done. And DiCaprio has committed to star in Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s thriller The Revenant for New Regency starting in September.

This Steve Jobs movie, not to be confused with the Ashton Kutcher version, is backed by Sony and based on Walter Isaacson's official biography. Sorkin is said to be setting it around three scenes, leading up to the introduction of the Mac, iMac, and iPod,

Unless and until anyone is signed, expect drama to continue on the production until it's completed production. Now, um, anyone else having trouble seeing DiCaprio as Jobs?

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JsLee14 says:

Eh I don't really see DiCaprio as the role for Steve Jobs.. But I'm sure he will do a great job in the acting department he is awesome.

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Jan MacDonald says:

Someone is bound to photoshop him as Jobs and then it might make sense.

background_app says:

I remember The Beach! It's the one where they smoke a bunch of pot while living on an idyllic beach.

s2mac says:

Have you seen the Aviator? Picture it being about Mac and iPod instead of airplanes and movie making. As I remember it, DiCaprio skillfully presented a smart, focused and passionate man in that movie, someone that couldn't let go of his vision, his goal, a man that went for it all the way.

With that in mind I can see DiCaprio portraying Jobs very well.

RupMjee says:

But that one was directed by Martin Scorcese. Not that Boyle is a bad director; but Scorcese brings the best out of Leo.
But then again - Leo looks nothing like a young or a old Steve. Noah Wyle was brilliant in portraying Steve in "Pirates of the Silicon Valley" .. not sure why he is not being considered again.. he is only 42 now and can still portray Steve in his young and mid years. And that movie has not been seen by the masses.

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Spartacuswines says:

Casting is a wee bit off on this.

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rkcmd says:

Aww man, I hope Leo doesn't get another Oscar snub...

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