MacBook Air brings iPad attributes back to the Mac

MacBook Air brings iPad attributes back to the Mac

As part of the Back to the Mac event, Steve Jobs wondered what would happen if a a MacBook and iPad hooked up and the answer is the new MacBook Air. It's full unibody, full keyboard, full trackpad. Instant on. Great battery life. Great standby time. There will be both 13.3 inch and 11.6 inch models.

  • 1440x900 display or 1366x 768
  • Core 2 Duo
  • NVidia graphics
  • FaceTime camera
  • Flash storage
  • 7 hours Wi-Fi use (under better battery tests) or 5 hours for 11.6 inch
  • 30 days standbye
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi

Pricing starts at $999 for 11.6, 64GB, 1.4Ghz. All models are 2GB of memory (sniffle).

Available today.

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Reader comments

MacBook Air brings iPad attributes back to the Mac


No, never 15". It had always been 13.3", no bigger, no smaller.
This baby looks incredible and this seems to be the beginning of a new trend. Apple is becoming more affordable. No IPS display, but oh well. I hope the MacBook Pro 17" will at the next refresh. iLife '11 looks pretty sweet, too.
What a year for Apple this has been and we have over 2 months left. Yikes.

i have my credit card in hand also the car ready to go to any apple store! though they haven't update the online store yet... i want mine yesterday!heheh :p

Can you say Mac Netbook? Even though it is not called a Netbook, in my opinion that is the category that it belongs in. No optical and flash memory...the only thing missing is the low cost. But Apple does not do low cost...and that is OK...that business model seems to be working well for them.

Rather have a Macbook Pro.
Too many compromises to get the ultralight, instant on Air (or netbook). And no real price difference.

Interesting though. iPad has been called a netbook killer. And Apple goes and makes a netbook. Priced out of ipad range of course.
One wonders if they'll drop the 13" MBP & macbook. Then the price range is all Air.

Good, now let's see Expose style multitasking on the iPad, and while you're arguing that multitouch works with indirect surfaces, hook all these multitouch surfaces we now have lying around up to the apple tv and get some apps running on it too!

A Core2Duo is about 2x as fast as an Atom per Hz. So, generally, these MBA ultra-portables will be 2x to 3x as fast as 1.6 GHz Atom netbooks. For GPU, the Nvidia 320M will be about 2x to 5x faster than Ion graphics and Intel IGPs.
You can impeach the quality of the MBA, by saying it's a "netbook", you're just being a fool. It'll outclass a netbook in basically all performance benchmarks. Not by 20%, 30% or 50%, but by 100%, 200%, 300% type of numbers.
Atom processor claim to fame is very low TDP and low idle power draws, not performance.
Now there are laptops that have better performance than the MBA and are cheaper, but it's all a tradeoff. All those laptops are thicker, heavier. The MBA is in the ultraportable category. The thinnest and lightest laptop as possible, but with as close to laptop performance performance. In this category, it's pretty good.

"[Netbooks] are just cheap laptops....we don´t think they are a 3rd category of device....we think we have something that is....iPad."
-Steve Jobs
Why does the MacBook Air exist. It is a netbook.

The 13.3" MBA has a DPI of 128. The 11.6 MBA has a DPI of 135. The iPad has a DPI of 133. Give or take 1 depending on how you round off.

Most netbooks have lower resolution screens, slower processors and hard drives. Netbook makers constantly whine that they don't make money selling netbooks. You don't hear that from Apple.

apple is such a rip off..a G for this joke of a NETBOOK step it mr jobs.. stop gipping your customers off we support you can your BILLIONS you make and give us 64GB?!?! F U

Apple has never called the iPad a netbook killer. That was third party. However I do feel the air is obsolete. Between my iPhone , iPad, and MacBook pro It has no place. Why save $300 vs getting a mbp or saving $350 and getting an iPad that can do just about all the air can, less the full software install issue.

Anyone have success finding one of these puppies in a store today? They told me to try tomorrow, they received nothing. WTF!
Oh in case your wondering where I live, Long Island.

I love apples products for there reliability and ease of use but these prices are what boils down to a netbook that steve said he would never make..... SMH. i'll just chill until january and what for the second generation iPad to come out.

It doesnt really make much sense to buy this over a MacBook IMO
Especially when you factor in price
But to look at it as a beautiful piece of engineering and innovation it's in a league of it's own
If I could afford it I'd buy it, but its a luxury and I think Apple know this