Rhapsody turns on offline music, Spotify goes social


Rhapsody for iPhone [free with subscription - iTunes link] has finally released an update to allow offline access to their music:

With a Rhapsody subscription, you can tap into over 9 million full-length songs, and download as much music as you want to your device. Create playlists for your commute, your workout or your flight - and download them instantly.

You can download and try Rhapsody for iPhone free for a week, and if you like what you hear, you can pony up $9.99 a month for a full subscription (which is locked to one iPhone).

It's US only, but we don't feel too bad for Europeans as Spotify [Free with subscription - iTunes link] revealed they were integrating Facebook Connect for the usual slew of new social interactivity, including sharing playlists, favorites, and likely the ability to mass shun songs and users who displease the collective (joking! A little!).

If you're a Rhapsody or Spotify user and you check out the updated functionality, let us know how it sounds to you!

[Engadget, 9to5Mac]

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Rhapsody turns on offline music, Spotify goes social


The app is a little confusing to get of you already have the old rhapsody app. You have to delete the old one and say it's ok when it warns that more than one account are in your iPhone. Other than that the new app seem more stable than the old one, and music download is fast and works well. Now just give me some 4.0 background music and It has the potential to get more use than the iPod.

It will play in the background on 4.0. Downloads on wi-fi are super fast -- less than a minute to download an entire album made into a playlist. $14.99 a month allows streaming and downloads to 3 mobile devices. Overall, a great addition. The lack of social network intergration is a good thing. Who needs all of that junk?

Love the new offline feature. Would like to be able to download songs without having to create a playlist every time. Otherwise, great update.

Yep, after download, and signing into my account, it wanted to upgrade, and charge me the $9.99 more a month on top of the $12.99 I already pay. No thanks.

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