Spotify launches new dark design in refreshed apps

Today the Spotify team announced a revamped interface, which has begun rolling out across various platforms. The new UI for the social music streaming service will hit iOS, the desktop and web today, with other platforms following suit in the near future. Say hello to the dark side of music with new typography and rounded iconography, giving Spotify something of a facelift.

The company is not only refreshing its frontend, however. Spotify has also unveiled "Your Music," which will help you save, organize and browse your favourite tunes all in one place, available across all supported platforms.

The new design arrive in updates rolling out to iPhone, desktop and web users from today, and we're just now starting to see it on our devices. Check for updates on your phone to grab the latest release, or download Spotify from the App Store if you do not already have the app installed.

How do you like the new design?

Source: Spotify

Rich Edmonds

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dalaen says:

It's also finally version 1.0!

mattkaff says:

but no MY MUSIC section yet....

RupMjee says:

I absolutely love their new design and the polished iOS7 aesthetics. The search and revamped info tab is a welcome change. Album art is now the ios7 'circle' but can be stretched when u pull the screen downwards ( not sure if i'll like that ). I hope they have also ironed out the performance kinks i noticed sometimes .. e.g: not able to connect to 4G Or Wifi even when the connection is fine and freezing ( only encountered a few times ). But overall it's a good update.

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Jamie SNG says:

Agreed! The new interface freezes a ton. I do love Spotify though but hope they fix this!

uwatto says:

It's looks great , I gave google music a go last month. I cancelled the subscription. It's not bad but Spotify destroys it

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sladyrko says:

Love it! Looks 10x better. Good job! :-)

Galley says:

I'm not seeing the Your Music feature on the iPhone app (version 1.0).

drache713 says:

You have to be a premium subscriber, it shows fine for me.

tysartor says:

I have premium and it's not showing up for me either

rob37 says:

I have version 1.0.0 running with the black theme and premium (UK). I don't see 'Your Music or option to save. Still the old starred system. When they mean rolling out gradually does that mean the app update or the new features in the app? Driving me mad so any advice would be great.

Thanks Rob

Phil Vigil says:

I'm not either. I have an iPod touch. Lets hope they role this out soon. I want to switch over to using My Music.

Spotify: why no My Music on iOS? My Android has that section already...

rogifan says:

Really nice update but they need to fix the placement of the shuffle button. When you scroll through a playlist the big green shuffle button covers half of the song at the top of the screen.

Metro1088 says:

The old iPhone app sure needed an redesign but I'm disappointed with the new one. The black fonts on black background hurt my eyes when in auto brightness. It also feels a lot busier and cluttered. I don't like it at all.

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G.4 says:

Love it! As a Spotify subscriber and daily user/listener this is a welcomed update. I love it when an app I use daily gets a new fresh look. Makes it feel like a new app but with the same familiar functionality.

asuperstarr says:

Never use this app but the design look nice!

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linsiris says:

Yep, finally! I welcome the new design, although I'm on beats now, I still shuffle some of the playlists I had there.

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No update for my windows phone. Bs

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counterculture says:

LOVE the new interface but unfortunately I'm pretty much converted to Beats Music. But I'll use the free version to shuffle my library. :-)

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MsLoveTech says:

I love the New Look its very nice and sexy now all we need is Repeat for the mobile phone

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twilight_1890 says:

Would be nice if it stopped crashing

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