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Firecore updates aTV Flash for the Apple TV, now includes TV Playlists and more

FireCore has released another update to its hugely popular software for jailbroken second generation Apple TV's (2010, 720p version). The new 2.1 release includes a raft of new features and improvements, the most interesting being the ability to create TV Show playlists.

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Reckless Racing 2 set to arrive in the App Store on February 2nd

Reckless Racing 2 is set to arrive in the App Store on February 2nd. The sequel to the hugely popular original game was previously slated for a December launch last year but has obviously suffered one or two delays.

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McGraw-Hill CEO credits Steve Jobs for iBooks textbook launch

McGraw Hill CEO, Terry McGraw has paid a huge amount of credit to Steve Jobs over the launch of iBooks 2, which brought the availability of low price textbooks on the iPad.  Speaking to the press after Apple’s education event yesterday, McGraw was asked a number of questions by All Things D reporter Peter Kafka. He was asked why now for digital textbooks as Apple had been talking to publishers for the last few years.

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Bungie’s Marathon 2 arriving in the App Store on December 16

The second part to the hugely popular Mac gaming trilogy Marathon is set to hit the App Store on Thursday December 16. The original Marathon title was released back in July to great acclaim and better still it was free. The creators, Bungie, later went on to make Halo for the Xbox.

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