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Screen Protector

Apple iPhone 4 back glass can be scratched?

iFixit claimed the front display on Apple's new iPhone 4 was protected by Corning's Gorilla Glass, but Engadget's review unit is already showing scratches on the back side. Was it an earlier test unit not up to release unit standards? Is the Gorilla Glass only on the front and not the back? Is Gorilla Glass not as scratch resistant as we thought? Is it not really Gorilla Glass at all?

Engadget did get a little rough with their iPhone 4 review unit, but no doubt so will users. And the front seems to be holding up fine.

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iPad Live Podcast #1: Magical and revolutionary!

Premiere episode! iPad 3G incoming, camera kit surprises, how to put on a screen protector, iPad typing tips, Hulu, Farmville, Bento, Epicurious, and more! Listen in!

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How to apply a screen protector to your iPad [sponsored]

If you're looking to protect your big, beautiful iPad screen from scratches or just cut down on the glare, here's a quick how-to on applying a screen protector to your iPad.

It's a simple process but one that needs to be done right, so take your time and check out the step-by-steps and video after the break!

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TiPb How-to: Apply a screen protector to your iPhone

Screen protectors are a great way to keep your iPhones screen scratch-free but they can be tricky to apply. So, here's a video explain some of the basic concepts and techniques I find make the application process much faster and less stressful.

Used in the video are a non slip mat, iKlenz, a screen protector, microfiber cloth, ID card, and the star of this short -- your iPhone.

If you have any special tricks or techniques for putting on a screen protector or thoughts on the video, let me know in the comments below!

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