American Idol Spam Text Messages on AT&T

Now this is not something new here, but AT&T and American Idol are at it again. The past few days AT&T has been sending out text messages advertising one of Fox's TV shows. How do I know? I got one of them... Of course this message does not cost the recipient anything and they could easily opt out by responding to the spam with a simple "stop". Even so, it still has the ability to be bothersome to AT&T customers.

Like I mentioned above this is not something new, I remember getting a similar text message last year when American Idol started. It would become a nuisance if it started to get out of control but a single text, I can live with that. Now imagine this -- all TV shows start advertising this way, then add movies, random products, etc... Sounds like this has the possibility to become very annoying sometime in the future.

If what I just mentioned turned out to be the case, would you be able to opt out all together? Would you have to opt out on individual advertisements as they are received? We want to know what is your, our readers, take on all of this?

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