Apple in early stage negotiations to buy Spotify?

After rumors that Apple attempted to block Spotify from entering the US market, now there's a suggesting they might just be negotiating with the Swedish-based streaming music startup over a possible acquisition. TechCrunch reports:

"Apple and Spotify are in on-again, off-again discussions about an acquisition, but at best it’s very early in the process. No firm price has been offered, no term sheet tabled. Still, it’s interesting that the two are talking."

Now, it's important to understand that these rumors are just that -- rumors -- and as such, you should be taking this with a massive data center-sized grain of salt. However it's still rather interesting to hear that these two clashing companies have been in possible talks.

Apple purchased Lala late last year, a streaming music service similar to Spotify, and many were under the assumption that Apple might create an online iTunes music service with streaming and possibly subscriptions. Now Lala has closed and there's still no in sight.

What do you think, should Apple buy another streaming music company? And if Apple did buy Spotify would anything come of it, or would it disappear as fast as Lala? Sound off in the comments!


by Andrew Wray

  • Apples gotta be doing something with regards to subscription music because music is a glaring omission to the new Apple TV's interface and you know it's the cornerstone of iTunes... And since there's no longer purchase to own options on the Apple TV somethings gotta happen, someday to put the iTunes catalog on the device...
  • You know apple they are going cloud based eventually prob see something in our hands in a few years. Once they have it working to how they like it and 4g is up and running solid. They take their time with stuff like this, it's a massive project
  • If spotify can outdue rhapsody by offering a better selection and better user experience at a similar price, I'm all board for it!
  • I've never been able to use Spotify since I live in China. But controlling hardware and content is an obvious synergistic move - with streaming music seeming to be the future.
  • Apple had better not buy the service then kill it like lala, would be mightily p***ed off
  • I hope they don't. I've had Spotify since
    The early beta but about 5 months ago I decided to try out premium. It is so freaking good. Made me ditch iTunes on my mac and iPod on my phone. Thank god I live in Stockholm :) So no, please apple, don't buy this great company and ruin it.
  • No! What Karl said. If apple buys it...they'll ruin it.
  • If apple buys it, they will pull the old "it does not meet our high standards" and kill it. "We will release it soon". Yea, about iPhone 15 or 20. Do not hold your breath.
  • That first comment by Craig nails it. Also, Spotify is an excellent service so it's a good choice of technology for Apple to purchase.
  • Yeah, sure, sell Spotify to Apple so that they can kill it. I'll just go back to piracy again. It's your choice, music companys.