7 things we learned about the iPhone 16 this week

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What can quite often be a summer lull when it comes to iPhone rumors this week turned into a torrent of information, with a series of leaks about Apple’s upcoming September launch and some of the features and changes we can expect when the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro are unveiled later this year. 

Apple’s iPhone 16 is going to be its best iPhone yet, with Apple Intelligence and iOS 18 a big part of that. But there are still some exciting hardware changes coming to the iPhone 16 that could make it a valuable upgrade. Here are seven we learned about this week. 

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The Core - 7 things we learned about iPhone 16 this week

iPhone 16 chip could herald "massive performance gains" above and beyond M4

Apple’s A18 chip, which we expect to feature in iPhone 16, could exceed the performance of Apple’s M4 chip, recently unveiled alongside the new iPad Pro. 

Leak indicates all four iPhone 16 models will come with the A18 chip

Apple’s A18 chip is expected to feature in all four iPhone 16 models, according to new leaks. Whether an A18 “Pro” chip is reserved for the more powerful models remains to be seen. 

Apple readies 100 million iPhone 16 orders, here are three reasons it could be more popular than iPhone 15

Apple is planning to sell 100 million iPhone 16 models in 2024, 10 million more than it did for iPhone 15. Several key upgrades, including those mentioned here, could be the key to its success. 

Apple's iPhone 16 Pro could use Samsung's advanced OLED technology for an even brighter display

New OLED technology from Samsung could bring an even brighter display to the iPhone 16 Pro. The current Pro tops out at 1,000 nits, with 1,600 nits of peak HDR brightness. 

iPhone 16 Pro upgrade seemingly confirmed as Apple orders even more periscope lenses for 5x optical zoom

Apple is preparing more optical zoom components, seemingly confirming reports the iPhone 16 Pro will feature 5x zoom, inherited from last year’s 16 Pro Max. 

Screen protector leak points to new iPhone 16 lineup sizes - including the largest iPhone display ever

New screen protector leaks indicate Apple’s iPhone 16 will indeed come in four sizes, including new larger 6.3- and 6.9-inch configurations. 

Apple's significant replaceable battery shift could also be great news for iPhone 16's battery life

The iPhone 16 is expected to get a brand new, more replaceable battery replete with increased density for longer battery life. 

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