The HomePod mini is one of Apple's coolest devices and one of the best smart speakers around. It is perfect for anyone in the Apple ecosystem and would make a perfect gift for a loved one or a friend this holiday season.

Thanks to its fairly modest $99 price tag, the HomePod mini is also a great shout on Black Friday thanks to the Best Black Friday HomePod deals, which have brought some slight savings across the lineup, although mostly for the two original colors, not the three new ones. Even more exciting is this list of bundles from Best Buy, which could score you a HomePod with smart lights or even Apple's AirPods. Take a look.

HomePod mini bundles at Best Buy

Homepod Mini Nanoleaf

HomePod mini | Stunning Nanoleaf bundle at Best Buy

Not only does this deal include a HomePod mini with six months of free Apple Music, but it also comes with not one but two Nanoleaf Essentials Smart LED Lightstrips. You'll get a 1M and a 2M strip, both offering white and colored lights. These lights usually retail at $75 for the pair but come with this bundle for less than $50.

$149 at Best Buy
Nanoleaf Bulb

HomePod mini | $40 Nanoleaf smart bulb 3-pack

These Nanoleaf essentials A19 smart LED bulbs come in a three-pack, usually for $50. However, if you pick up a HomePod mini at Best Buy you can get them for just $40. The lights work with HomeKit, so the HomePod mini is the perfect hub to control them with, making this bundle a perfect smart home starter kit.

$139 at Best Buy
Homepod Airpod

HomePod mini | Just add AirPods (2nd generation)

If smart lights aren't your thing, solve audio for at home and on the go by picking up this Best Buy HomePod mini and AirPods bundle. This will score you the 2nd generation AirPods (without wireless charging) for just $229, a saving of $30.

$229.98 at Best Buy
Homepod Airpod

HomePod mini | AirPods with wireless charging

Very similar to the previous deal, this will net you a HomePod mini with Apple's AirPods featuring a wireless charging case for just $259.98, a saving of $40 when bought together.

$259 at Best Buy
Homepod Mini Space Gray

HomePod mini | Free Apple Music

If you don't want to add any other products or indeed costs, you can just buy a HomePod mini at the regular price of $99, with Best Buy throwing in six months of free Apple Music. Even better, the deal comes in all five colors!

$99 at Best Buy

Most of these deals only include the HomePod mini in its two original colors. The HomePod mini is a great little speaker and the perfect foundation for a smart home setup thanks to Siri. If you'd rather stick to buying a HomePod mini just by itself, check out the rest of these standalone deals below.

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