Best iMac Accessories in 2022

Best Accessories for iMac
Best Accessories for iMac (Image credit: iMore)

If you're planning on picking up a brand new iMac, you're going to want some of the best iMac accessories to go with it. There are hundreds of ways to add productivity and functionality to your computer if you know what to look for. Whether it's a robust backup drives, some great headphones, or even an external GPU, this collection has something that every Mac owner needs.

Enhance the experience

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These accessories all offer excellent enhancements for your iMac experience, whether you need great storage options, a more customized typing experience, or the massive power provided by an external GPU. But of all of these best iMac accessories, I'd recommend getting the Apple AirPods first. AirPods might be Apple's single best product in the last three years, they pair like magic and even sound pretty good, something you might not expect if you've ever used the wired EarPods.

Of course, a computer is not much good without a keyboard, so if you haven't purchased one yet, we recommend the Apple Magic Keyboard as a simple option or the Das Keyboard if you prefer a mechanical keyboard. Any product on this list will improve the productivity of your iMac.

Joseph Keller

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