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For many, Valentine's Day is an occasion to celebrate their love. That's great. Meanwhile, the rest of us are getting ready for the big candy sale the next day. To each their own.

For those out there who are single on Valentine's Day — newly, freshly, painfully or otherwise — we've assembled a collection of playlists to get you through the day, whether you're lamenting a breakup, celebrating being single, or taking the time to work on yourself.

It's over

So it's over, or you just can't find the right person. You know what? That's fine. You're going to be fine. Here's a tip: don't suffer in silence. Crank up these tunes to help get you through the sad times, and maybe even find motivation to move on.

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Single and loving it

Valentine's Day, Shmalentine's Day. Who needs the hassle of a relationship when you're single and killing it? Celebrate yourself and your friends this Valentine's Day with the tracks on these playlists.


It doesn't matter if you're looking to run through the tears or just improve something about yourself, you're probably going to want some music to help you achieve your goals. The music on these playlists will help pump you up whether you're working out or just working.

Your favorite playlists for staving off Valentine's Day?

If I missed any of your favorite counter-romance playlists, let me know in the comments below!

Updated February 2020: Updated for Valentine's Day 2020.

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