Best Ethernet Cables for Apple TV 4K iMore 2022

Apple TV 4K is the best Apple TV that you can buy with support for 4K content as well as super-fast Ethernet speeds. While Wi-Fi is the more convenient way to connect to the internet, if you want to ensure that you can stream video in glorious 4K resolution, then you need one of the best Ethernet cables for Apple TV. Whether it is flat, braided, short, or long, there are tons of options to choose from, so here's our guide to the best Ethernet cables for Apple TV 4K.

AmazonBasics Rj45 Cat7 Ethernet Cable

Best for most: AmazonBasics Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

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The AmazonBasics Cat 7 Ethernet Cable offers a fantastic combination of price and quality, plus, it benefits from Amazon's hassle-free return policy. This double-shielded cable supports up to 10 Gbps internet speeds and up to 600 MHz bandwidth, and it comes in both black and white colors, with sizes ranging up to 50 feet.

$9 at Amazon
Mediabridge Cat6 Ethernet Cable in blue

Affordable option: Mediabridge Ethernet Cable

Mediabridge has a wide variety of lengths and colors to choose from in the Cat 6 line. While not the fastest around, these cables meet the requirements most folks need: up to 10 Gbps speeds and up to 550 MHz bandwidth support. Mediabridge also throws in a free velcro strap to keep your cable runs nice and tidy.

Jadaol Cat6 Flat Ethernet Cable

Easier to manage: Jadaol Cat 6 Ethernet Cable

Jadaol's 10 Gbps 250 MHz Cat 6 Ethernet cable is much easier to manage than most thanks to its unique flat design and included accessories. This cable can hide underneath carpets or rugs without causing an eyesore, and for walls, Jadaol includes a set of clips that keeps them right against the surface.

Dbillionda Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Weather resistant: DbillionDa Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

If you take your Apple TV to the great outdoors, go with the DbillionDa Cat 8 Ethernet Cable. This cable is both weather and UV resistant, so you don't have to worry about leaving it outside, and you can even bury it. It's also a Cat 8 cable, meaning in addition to supporting up to 40 Gbps speeds, it also allows for up to 2,000 MHz bandwidth.

$9 at Amazon
Monoprice 103419 Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cable in black

Short and sweet: Monoprice 103419 Cat 6 Ethernet Patch Cable

Perfect for placement behind the TV or short runs, the two-foot Monoprice 103419 Cat 6 Ethernet Patch Cable won't leave you managing tons of extra slack. Monoprice's cable supports up to 550 MHz bandwidth, and despite its low price, it features pure bare copper wire, gold-plated contacts, and has a lifetime warranty.

DanYee Nylon Braided Cat7 Ethernet Cable

Braided beauty: DanYee Nylon Braided Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

This Cat 7 Ethernet Cable from DanYee brings the fashionable and heavy-duty, braided nylon construction seen on USB charging cables over to the world of networking. This cable supports speeds up to 10 Gbps and 600 MHz, and it comes in seven flashy colors and lengths up to 100 feet.

Ditch the Wi-Fi

The Apple TV 4K is the ultimate way to experience the latest ultra-high definition resolution movies on the big screen. However, if you are streaming over a spotty Wi-Fi connection, you may run into buffering issues. To ensure that you have the best possible experience, Ethernet is the way to go, so it may be time to give those old cables an upgrade as well.

The AmazonBasics Cat 7 Ethernet Cable gets our top pick as the best Ethernet cable for most with its excellent combination of price and quality. Amazon's cable can reach speeds up to 10 Gbps and up to 600 MHz bandwidth, which is plenty for streaming the latest 4K videos on the Apple TV, and it comes in a variety of sizes that will fill most needs.

Want a future-proof Ethernet cable that gives you the most speed and bandwidth available today? Then go with the DbillionDa Cat 8 Ethernet Cable. This cable sports 40 Gbps speeds and 2,000 MHz bandwidth, plus it features weather and UV resistance just in case you want to bring your Apple TV 4K to the great outdoors.

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