Best Mac accessories on a budget 2023

Anker Usb Hub
Anker Usb Hub (Image credit: Amazon)

Let's face it, buying a Mac isn't a cheap investment. Once you have your brand new Mac in your possession, you will quickly realize that you may need some accessories to go with it. A keyboard, a mouse, external storage, or a hub are all things you may have to purchase. So after spending big dollars on the Mac itself, let's take a look at some of the best Mac accessories to buy on a budget.

Which budget Mac accessories should you buy?

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Every Mac user will want to buy great accessories to use with their Mac, and even better is finding the right budget accessory. You don't have to spend Apple prices to get accessories that will complement your user experience and save you some money at the same time. I love finding a great accessory at a great price.

A USB-C hub is a must, especially for MacBook users, and the Anker USB-C hub is our staff pick for budget accessories. Since most modern Macs only contain USB-C ports, you will need a hub to connect USB-A accessories, an external monitor using an HDMI port, or plug in an SD card. The Anker hub is inexpensive and can do the job with ease.

Many Mac users will alsowant to use an external keyboard, and I recommend the Macally wireless keyboard. It has the color and style to match your Mac, and it's a fraction of the price of an Apple keyboard.

Mark Goldschmitt

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